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Why do doctors always Recommend OVAL butt implants over ROUND butt implants? (photo)

Reason I ask is because I read a lot of forums where girls say they regret getting oval and are getting them re-done for the round implants to be... READ MORE

Buttock Implants: What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Round vs. Anatomical Shaped Implants?

Some doctors swear by ROUND ONLY buttock implants in part because if they move or spin they are less likely to be noticed or look strange. HOWEVER,... READ MORE

Jen Selter's implant shape - oval or round? (Photo)

Can someone tell me what shape of implant have Jen Selter? Oval or round READ MORE

The bottom of my bum feels heavy. Is this normal? (Photo)

The bottom of my bum feels heavy I'll be 4 weeks post 600cc round under the muscle. They have dropped alot just wondering if this is normal and if I... READ MORE

Best implant shape for petite frame wanting hips and projection? (Photo)

I am petite 34" hip/booty currently. I want wider hips and a bigger, fuller butt. I am getting a butt implant with fat transfer on top/to hips for my... READ MORE

What is the better buttock implant shape? (Photo)

My Dr wants to use oval implant which I agreed to but now I am questioning whether I want round implants instead. I want to be as wide as possible on... READ MORE

Size limitations of buttock implants placed in or under the muscle? I would like 700cc implants.

I have decided to get buttock augmentation using implants as I don't have enough fat to harvest for BBL. I would like to have maximum enhancement but... READ MORE

I've been told I'm a candidate for 350cc oval implant,within muscle. With my frame can I get 360-375cc? (Photo)

Realistically I want the hugest booty I can get ,with my frame of course ,I know I won't get the exact figure I desire ,but I do want a beautiful... READ MORE

My butt is really flat and I want a really big butt. I was told 400cc would give me what I want. Can I go bigger? (Photo)

I feel that 400cc is too small for me and my doctor did mention that 460cc round implants are not as wide as 400cc to fit my hips is this accurate?... READ MORE

Butt Implants 375cc Round?

I am having my surgery on Friday, November 22nd. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience with subfascial vs. intramuscular? I am having mine place... READ MORE

Are there any high semi-solid round silicon implants bigger than 600cc? I like the gummy bear feeling but in round shape.

I dont want them soft gel silicon, i want them semi-solid bc i want to use them for my butt and the ones use here in the USA f are too hard.Silimed... READ MORE

What Butt Implant Sizes Are There?

I want round butt implants whats the largest size ?? READ MORE

Would Butt Implants Give Me a Firmer Harder Butt over Fat Grafting?

I have had three children and worked out hard with a trainer to get my body back in shape but no matter how much I diet or exercise I cant firm up my... READ MORE

Do I need to remove my gluteal implants? Buttocks implants & fat transfer 6 weeks post op, wound incision is still open? (Photo)

Hi i had Buttocks implants (under muscle)&fat transfer 6 weeks ago 360cc silimed round implants.My incision is 1 inch long but no more drainage or... READ MORE

Looking at the shape of my butt, what implant and size would you recommend I get, oval or round? (photo)

Please let me know what shape implant would you recommend based on my photo . Also size I wanted to get 360cc. Thank you. READ MORE

Round or oval butt implants? Surgery is soon (Photo)

Dear Doctors. November 20th 2015 I had a BBL with 5 liters of fat out with vaser and 650cc's of fat transfered to each cheek. I love The results of... READ MORE

What's the difference between 400cc and 460cc?

I have bigger hips and was told that 400cc (round) were wider than 460cc (round) is this true? READ MORE

Doctor wants me to take off dressing and let incision drain. I have seroma. Is that correct? (Photo)

He said fluid has to come out. The liquid should not be there I can't just close it up. I have 400cc round implant behind the muscle. I don't... READ MORE

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