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Butt Is Deformed After Removing Butt Implants, What Can I Do To Correct This?

Had butt implants about 3 years ago right said was higher up so my doctor said i had 2 put smaller implants in when i woke up from 2nd sugery he said... READ MORE

What Happens to Your Butt when Butt Implants Are Removed or Replaced?

I have heard that when you remove butt implants or each time you replace them the skin will be stretched from having them in so it will appear saggier... READ MORE

My Buttock Implants Were Removed 2 Yrs Ago But They Look Like They're Still There? (photo)

But it looks like there are still there. I'm assuming the doctor didn't close the pockets and there is open space within the pockets. Can this be... READ MORE

Had my Butt Implant Removed and Having Complications?

I originally Butt Implants on June of 2011, right away I started having complication, my body built so much seroma that my cut opened. My doctor told... READ MORE

Buttock Implant Removal? (photo)

Hello. I had buttock implants removed about 2 years ago and I'm left with this unsightly asymmetrical buttocks enlarged buttocks that looks as if I... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time for Butt Implant Removal?

Had my surgery 6 weeks ago, about 3 weeks in begin having pain on my left cheek and leg. It looks bigger then the right side, I can barely walk and... READ MORE

Butt Implants Removed and Hoping to Fix Damage with Diet and Exercise?

One of my butt implants shifted toward my hip after 7 weeks. I had a revision to correct the implant, but the same implant shifted up towards my hip 6... READ MORE

Butt Implant Infection Removal

What is the best way to repair damaged butt muscles after an infection? I caught an implant infection 12 days after putting in the butt implants and... READ MORE

Chance these implants will ever look more natural as the muscle stretches, or do these need to be removed? (Photo)

I had implants a month ago(200 cc intramuscular cohesive gel anatomic).They are Very visible all the way around. I am 111 Ib. Am I too thin too hide... READ MORE

How Log Does It Take for the Tissue to Repair Itself After Removal of Buttock Implants?

I had implants placed in my buttox on the 18th of January this year,and I got a fever and chills about 1 week post op. my doc had me going back to the... READ MORE

How can my body be fix? (photos)

I had butt implants and lipo in my back , flanks and side of my legs 3 months ago. I know is too soon but things are getting worst, my implants are... READ MORE

Do I Still Have to Pay the Whole Dr Bill if Butt Implants were Removed 2 Weeks Later??

My butt implants where removed on the 12th day of having them placed in because my body rejected them and I caught a severe infection. Do I still have... READ MORE

Removal of Butt Implants?

I am disappointment with my gluteal implants after the swelling subsided I lost the projection I was looking for then to top it all off my incision... READ MORE

How soon Butt Implants can be removed after surgery?

I had butt implants 4 weeks ago, everyday that goes by I dislike them more and more, I find them really big, and the implant was not place in the... READ MORE

Can a butt implant infection be cured by antibiotics on their own? Will I have to take out the implants?

I had butt implants a little over a year ago and the right side got almost 2 1/2 the size of the left. It was deformed and hot to the touch for about... READ MORE

Buttock Implant Removal and Bigger Replacement

After Removing Buttuck Implants, Can You Have Some More Replaced for a Bigger Size? READ MORE

Would you recommend removing implants?

I had butt augmentation w/implants some yrs ago. I like size but they look & feel very fake . I also have no waist & hips so it is apparent... READ MORE

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