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I Want Hip and Butt Implants is This Possible? (photo)

I want implants in my butt but also near my hips to widen them. I know its foolish of the hip implants to be placed on my hip bones it would be... READ MORE

Butt Is Deformed After Removing Butt Implants, What Can I Do To Correct This?

Had butt implants about 3 years ago right said was higher up so my doctor said i had 2 put smaller implants in when i woke up from 2nd sugery he said... READ MORE

What is The Worst That Could Happen After Butt Implants? Can They Explode?

So I ruled out fat transfer cause I'm so thin. I want butt implants its hard to find any useful information out there on them... In the news... READ MORE

Best Option for Gluteal Implants - Intramuscular or Submuscular?

What's the best option for a man: intramuscular or submuscular implants? I'd like the final look and feel to the touch to be as natural as... READ MORE

Butt Implants Removed and Hoping to Fix Damage with Diet and Exercise?

One of my butt implants shifted toward my hip after 7 weeks. I had a revision to correct the implant, but the same implant shifted up towards my hip 6... READ MORE

Very uneven buttock implants (submuscle): What to do - Replace them with smaller +subfacial flater implants on top? (Photo)

Hi, I have very uneven buttock implants. Both of them are placed submuscle. 500cc. You can really see the implants ALOT! Even though they are placed... READ MORE

Butt Implant Too Small

I had butt implant 3 years ago but from day 1 i knew that the implant were to small. It is a good job in the sens that they don't move but i am... READ MORE

My butt looks saggy and square instead of rounded. Am I going to need a lift or just fix my implants pocket? (Photo)

My implants flip when i had my surgery the dr told me he put my implant under my muscle. i dont really know what to i use to wear alot of dress.but... READ MORE

Butt implant sagging. What can I do to improve this? (Photo)

Hi Doc I had a butt implant 550 cc 10 months ago but I feel that the shape of my butt is going down a bit Is there any solution for this and is Squats... READ MORE

Want to Get an Implant in One Butt Cheek Which is Uneven Due to Surgery that Removed Cancer, Could this Look Natural?

I had cancer when i was 14 in my leg. the way the surgery was done left my butt cheeks VERY uneven. Best way to describe it is one side is a C and the... READ MORE

I am concerned with the visibility of my implant 3 weeks out of surgery? (Photo)

Is this likely to improve with time? I realize some dropping will occur ( very hopeful) but will decreased swelling make the already apparent implant... READ MORE

My sister has a severe infection after having a butt implant. Her fever was 42.5, she had headaches and Intolerable pain.

When we took her to the hospital a week later, they gave her antibiotics in the blood and removed the implants. It was filled with puss. The doctor... READ MORE

Butt implants and fat grafting (Photo)

Will 450cc intramuscular butt implants and fat grafting to hips give me a round butt? Or would a butt lift with implants be a better option for me. I... READ MORE

Round or oval butt implants? Surgery is soon (Photo)

Dear Doctors. November 20th 2015 I had a BBL with 5 liters of fat out with vaser and 650cc's of fat transfered to each cheek. I love The results of... READ MORE

Can implants correct sagging butt? Does it feel natural? Risks of requiring removal? Would the butt sag if removed? (Photo)

I notice that many Doctors are reluctant to recommend and even perform butt implants. Why?? I have done Vaser a while ago and the Doctor did not want... READ MORE

I had fat transfer and butt implants re-done in July. Implants where taken out Aug 15 because of infection. What now? (Photo)

Oral antibiotics and drains removed a week later. Sept 2 the incision opened and drain clear fluid and yellow puss. Went to the hospital but they told... READ MORE

Butt implants, open wound after 3 weeks (Photo)

Hi I had my surgery done a 27 days ago in Miami I just realized I had a open wound a 3 days ago I called my dr and send him the pictures he give me... READ MORE

Buttock Implants: Conflicting Advice on Subfacial vs. Intramuscular Placement?

Consulted 2 plastic surgeons, BOTH experienced in buttock implants. 2 different views on PLACEMENT. Doctor No. 1 suggests INTRAMUSCULAR placement with... READ MORE

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