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The bottom of my bum feels heavy. Is this normal? (Photo)

The bottom of my bum feels heavy I'll be 4 weeks post 600cc round under the muscle. They have dropped alot just wondering if this is normal and if I... READ MORE

Is Slight Bleeding and Draining Normal After Having Buttock Implants?

I just had buttocks implants done on the 21st of april.i had dissolvable stitches and they have dissovled but im not closed all the way i started... READ MORE

Why is my butt implant outline showing?

I had butt implants over seven weeks ago. I can see the outline of my implant while I stand, bend, and sit. Is this normal? Will this get better with... READ MORE

Is it a quite common that after some years buttock implants will drop into the lower pole ?

Is it a common occurrence that butt implants drop over a number of years. The muscle stops holding them in place even when placed intra or under the... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel pain 1 month post-op butt implants?

I got round buttock implants on January 31 2014 so its been a month and 3 days but I still feel a little bit of pain around the implants is that... READ MORE

Butt implant not right. Is this normal? Can put fingers underneath. They don't feel stuck&they move easily when walking (Photo)

Implants placed under fascia 10/31/14,they sagged, revision 4/17/15,during the revision they were removed the pockets sutured and then replaced but... READ MORE

Butt implants completely flat on bottom. Is this normal? (photos)

Is it normal for my butt to look like this and will it go away? READ MORE

I'm having excessive pain in my right leg after butt augmentation surgery, is this normal?

I'm 3 days post op from butt augmentation surgery. I had 350cc implants under the muscle. I have a very petite frame and wanted a natural look. The... READ MORE

Is it normal for my seroma that I have on my left butt cheek to hurt? (Photo)

I have had it for 3 months now and I have been told that I have a staph infection, not by my plastic surgeon but by a infectionist disease doc. I... READ MORE

Bad Butt Implant. Is my body affecting the outcome or have i had a bad implantation? (photos)

I had a Butt Implants surgery 10 months ago(inside the muscle)Right after the surgery the impl. were more higher&came more down my back with the... READ MORE

Nerve pain in leg (calf) after butt implants. Is this typical?

I am day 4 post butt implant surgery and I am having excruciating pain from my right butt cheek down to my right leg. The pain is worse when I walk,... READ MORE

I had buttock implants put in last summer. Now healed, I can flip my left implant over completely. Is this normal?

It seems as though the left pocket is too big and the implant is too small, making it easy to flip the implant over. Is this something my surgeon... READ MORE

Blood coming from buttock implant incision site. Do I have an infection? 6-7 weeks post op. Need advice.

I told my doctor that every time I use a q tip to clean the incisons with hydrogen peroxide as instructions say so, my q tip is either slightly... READ MORE

Butt implants: open scar 2 weeks post op! what should I do? (photos)

Hello, I had buttlock implants surgery 2 weeks ago in Paris ( 360cc round &intramuscular. ) The dissolving sutures disappeared a few days ago ( 10... READ MORE

Pain & fever 17 days post butt implants. (Photo)

I did bbl and implants 17 days ago. I still can't walk and I find it harder to walk now than before I got my drains out. It's also still hurts,... READ MORE

7 weeks post op butt implants 460cc placed intramuscular- tender, sore. (photo)

Somewhat alarming as I don't know if this is normal? Im 7 weeks post op butt implants 460cc placed intramuscular. They still hurt, the left one... READ MORE

Butt implants pain - is it normal for them to still hurt after 6 months? (Photo)

I got a butt implants done on July 30th it will be 6 months soon, my question is if it is normal for them to still hurt ? I can't tap my butt or grab... READ MORE

Is it normal to still be in pain after butt implants?

I had butt implants and fat grafting done about 6 weeks ago. I am in a lot of pain still and cant function normally let alone sit or do stairs. I have... READ MORE

Leaking fluid from butt incision. How normal is it? 3 weeks post-op. (Photos)

How can I take care of this issue to avoid further complications? Tomorrow I'll be 3 weeks post gluteal implants, yesterday my right cheek was hurting... READ MORE

5 weeks post op butt implant surgery. Swollen knees, ankles and feet. Is this normal?

Is this normal? No pain with my butt or incision site. Had a small deheiscennce in upper incicision areaabout 2- 3 weeks post op but healing fine. No... READ MORE

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