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Do Butt Implants Look and Feel Real? I Have a Thin Frame.

Despite some surgeons on this sites reccomendations for butt implants for a desired larger butt (ive found the reccomendations usually come from... READ MORE

Will butt implants allow my butt to jiggle and move like a normal fat butt?

I want implants to not only make my butt appear larger but to also jiggle like fat and feel squishy. Would butt implants give me these results? READ MORE

What Size Implant Would You Say Would Give Me Large but Natural Looking Breasts? (photo)

I am 5'7 and 200 pounds. I currently wear a 38 B. My BWM is 15. I would like to balance out my chest and hips. My measurements are currently... READ MORE

400cc butt implants under the muscle?

I want a lot of projection from the side and I think 400cc would be a good size for me. I still want them to look natural so I want them under the... READ MORE

Bending over with Implants?

Hi there, I made the decision to get 600 cc's round, smooth, butt implants. Since its a lot of cc's, I understand that the implants will have to be... READ MORE

Chance these implants will ever look more natural as the muscle stretches, or do these need to be removed? (Photo)

I had implants a month ago(200 cc intramuscular cohesive gel anatomic).They are Very visible all the way around. I am 111 Ib. Am I too thin too hide... READ MORE

When You Move a Certain Way, Can Butt Implants Be Noticeable or Do They Always Look Real?

I want to know if someone looking at your butt will be able to tell that you have butt implants. READ MORE

60% of people who get butt implant surgery end up with their bodies rejecting it. Is this true?

A fair percentage of peoples bodies reject to butt implants wow is this really true? and if done correctly will they have a natural look>? READ MORE

Do Butt Implants Look Natural and Would It Bounce the Way a Natural Butt Does? (photo)

I want a bigger buttocks but of course I want it to look like it's mine and not like I went through surgery to get it even though that's the truth I... READ MORE

What Butt implants will increase volume & bring out my hips? What placement will look natural?

Going for Butt Implants because doctor said I don't have enough fat for Brazilian Butt Lift.  I would like to know can my partner feel the butt... READ MORE

How much would it cost to go back and add fat around the implant to give it more of a natural look? (Photo)

Add fat for a more natural look, two week post op, I have round butt implants 400cc. leave for school in August in London want this done before I go. READ MORE

Butt Implants...Fullness?

I have set a date to get butt implants at the hunstad/kortesis center in huntersville 03/15/13 but my concern is A. the implant may not give me the... READ MORE

Natural looking gluteal implants?

I do not have enough fat for Brazilian butt lift but do not want it either because it isn't permanent, so I've decided to get butt implants. I've... READ MORE

What size butt implants would look natural on my body?

I'm a female, 5'4 and I weigh around 115lbs. I'm looking into getting butt implants but I was wondering which size would look the most natural on my... READ MORE

I'm having excessive pain in my right leg after butt augmentation surgery, is this normal?

I'm 3 days post op from butt augmentation surgery. I had 350cc implants under the muscle. I have a very petite frame and wanted a natural look. The... READ MORE

Im 5"5 and weigh 154 lbs. What size of Butt Implant can i get?

I would like something nice round perky and big but not to big that looks fake READ MORE

I'm turning 18 in two months and I want butt implants. How much would it cost? Can you recommend a surgeon?

Hello im tunning 18 in october, and i wanna do my butt implants. I live in tacoma wa, but i dont know any plastic surgeons. So i woul like if domebody... READ MORE

BBL vs Butt Implants. I don't have enough body fat for a BBL. Is there any other natural looking option?

I've always wanted a bigger butt and wanted to get the BBL done but i don't have enough body fat is there any natural looking other option. im scared... READ MORE

I'm ready for butt implants. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've been wanting implants for 1 year now. I was told I didn't have enough fat for bbl. What size would you recommend? I want a natural looking butt,... READ MORE

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