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Are Butt Implants Heavy and Uncomfortable? Does It Feel Real and Does it Jiggle?

I really need butt augmentation,since I have no fats I want to go with butt implants.are they heavy? does it feel funny? i currently wear silicone... READ MORE

Low Profile Implants - Will They Provide A More Natural Look?

My own breast is 12,7 cm - I am considering changing implants to a low profile implant - Perthese 220cc, 11,8 cm, 2,9 projection. My present implants... READ MORE

Best Option for Gluteal Implants - Intramuscular or Submuscular?

What's the best option for a man: intramuscular or submuscular implants? I'd like the final look and feel to the touch to be as natural as... READ MORE

When do butt implants drop after surgery for a more natural feel?

When does butt implants become loose/drop after surgery to move around little bit to get a more natural feel? READ MORE

Amount of CC Needed for Full B/Small C?

My PS and I have been talking about 286cc or 304cc, he wants me to go with 304 cc, but I am worried that I may not look natural. I don't want... READ MORE

Can implants correct sagging butt? Does it feel natural? Risks of requiring removal? Would the butt sag if removed? (Photo)

I notice that many Doctors are reluctant to recommend and even perform butt implants. Why?? I have done Vaser a while ago and the Doctor did not want... READ MORE

Will implant settle in? (photos)

I am 6 days post op and butt implant is pretty high up will the implant settle like boob implant and look more natural or will it continue to look... READ MORE

Which brand of butt implants are softest most natural feeling?

I have butt implants by the brand AART (375cc) round. Placed inside the muscle. The edges feel hard and unnatural. I know there are many different... READ MORE

Butt implants. If I go under muscle, will it be natural? (Photo)

I had ( 300cc, 3.6 proj, intramuscular) butt implants 4 month ago, but my partner feels it when im bending, if i will go undermuscular but implants... READ MORE

Does fat transfer make my butt feel more natural after I had butt implants?

So I had butt implants and my butt feels hard (fake) is there a way I can make it feel more softer/natural having fat transfer? Or what's the solution ? READ MORE

What type of butt implant is the best for natural results?

I wanted a Brazilian butt lift but so far 2 different doctors have told me to gain 13lbs and 15-20lbs so I am considering implants instead and want to... READ MORE

Gummy Bear butt implants + BBL? 6'0", 155-160 lbs, late 20's. (photo)

I would prefer a BBL alone but I'm sure I don't have enough body fat to achieve my desired look, so I'm interested in combining implants w/ a BBL. I... READ MORE

Are vitamins A,E, and C okay to take after butt augmentation surgery? (photo)

I was wondering if it was safe to orally take vitamins A,E, and C after butt augmentation? The surgery performed was under the muscle 548cc round... READ MORE

Butt implant question. Is there anything I can do to make them feel more natural on the edges?

I have had but implants and the doctor told me they would be a little big for me but I got them any way and I don't like they feel on the bottom near... READ MORE

Are butt implants safe and do they feel natural?

Do butt implants jiggle and are soft like a natural butt? Thanks. READ MORE

How many ccs do think I would need to have a modest but noticeable butt implant? (Photos)

I want it to look natural and fit with my legs. I hate when the implant looks pointy, I am going for a round appearance. I am 4'11 and 97 lbs. READ MORE

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