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Bad Butt Implant for Male

I had Butt Implants surgery 5 weeks ago. When I go to sit down or bend over, you can see the pronounced outline of the implant. When I squeeze my... READ MORE

Male butt implants (photos)

I was thinking about getting bum implants due to the fact I feel that my bum is way too small I want to increase my bum to around 42-46 inches .. My... READ MORE

I'm 24 yr old male in shape. Which Butt Implants would you recommend; Sientra round ? 340 cc or 440cc? (photos)

Im booked to get implants next month , has anyone used the round Sientra smooth implants.. were you happy with the result? do you think it would... READ MORE

​I'm 21 yrs old male. What would you recommend; Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants? (photo)

I'm 21 years old and I've always wanted a bigger, nicer bottom but I've been skeptical because of all the risk's and scars that you get. I'm about 180... READ MORE

Butt implants for a male?

This may be an odd question but I am a male interested in bottom augmentation. For years now I've wanted something different that stands out and have... READ MORE

Will butt implants make a difference when wearing clothing?

Will butt implants make a difference when wearing clothing? i notice alot of ppl get it for their beach bodies but i find when i wear shorts and jeans... READ MORE

What is the best shaped implant for me - Round, Oval or anatomical? (photo)

I am a 32 year old male and have been considering gluteal implant surgery. I have contacted several doctors with these pictures requesting information... READ MORE

I want butt implants. What's the best brand I can ask for?

Im 24 male want to have butt implants or butt augmentation with fat , i want to know what is the best implant brand i can ask for , which country??... READ MORE

Bodybuilder Male Looking for Doctor Who has Experience with Large Butt Implants in Males

I am a 6', 240 lb. bodybuilder who has always wanted massive glutes. I have looked on many doctors' websites who specialize in this procedure and have... READ MORE

Male, thick skin, 23, trying to achieve max size with fewer complications. What size would you recommend? (Photo)

What size would you recommend, what shape? i want an african type butt thats as large as possible but with fullness up top as well. like a "bubble"... READ MORE

I'm tiny! Will I not be able to get implants? (Photo)

Hey! I'm a guy who is wanting to have a more pronounced butt and feminine shape. What I'm concerned about is that I'm 5 feet 2 inches tall and I weigh... READ MORE

Male wanting gluteal implants. I don't want it to look fake, protrude when bending over/feeling easily palpable by lover (Photo)

I am a male 5'10 190lbs considering getting butt augmentation, I would like a BBL but was told I did not have enough fat. now I am considering gluteal... READ MORE

350 - 380 cc high profile silicone for butt implant on a guy! Height 175 cm,weight 77kg, and medium built! (Photo)

My question is is 380 cc silicone Enough to make a visible probably slightly drastic, but that looks good on me?? And also regarding the brand of the... READ MORE

The price for butt implants? (Photo)

I really don't have pictures of my butt ,I'm a gay guy &' really want to get my butt done. READ MORE

Is it possible filling the hip area of my body with another material other than body fat? (photos)

I'm male and I'm thinking of working out the muscles of my hips, upper thighs and butt, so I can get a more wide hip size. However, I want to fill the... READ MORE

I want butt implants in the worst way. I am also a male and age 28. I want a nice full butt...

Being I have a flattish butt I want to pump it up a bit. Very nervous and just wondering what things I need to ask for my overall great outcome of a... READ MORE

Buttock Implants: Conflicting Advice on Subfacial vs. Intramuscular Placement?

Consulted 2 plastic surgeons, BOTH experienced in buttock implants. 2 different views on PLACEMENT. Doctor No. 1 suggests INTRAMUSCULAR placement with... READ MORE

Silimed Vs EuroSilicone for male. (photos)

Hello Doctors . im 24 wants butt implants they gave me silimed or eurosilicone 1-which one do you prefer ? 2-I am afraid of Seroma after surgery, can... READ MORE

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