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What Type of Butt Implant is Best? What's Normal Longevity?

I am planning on getting butt implants but do not know much about what implant is best and what position to have them placed in. Are they similar to... READ MORE

BBL or implants? Do implants have to be redone after 10 years? How long does it take to get used to them? (Photo)

I was told the fat transfer doesn't last and I don't have enough to really give me projection and roundness. I am 5'2" and 145lbs 33% body fat. One... READ MORE

How long do glutes implants last?

How long is the recovery process after the surgery? READ MORE

What are the risks involved with having Butt Implants and how long do they typically last?

Ive spoken to a few cosmetic centre coordinators and apparently according to me weight and height I'm not a candidate for brazillian butt lift and... READ MORE

How long does a butt implant last & can I shake my butt cheeks as if they are my own muscles?

Overtime will they drop, or fall out of place , can they deform ?also I'm very active will this affect anything. READ MORE

How long after buttocks implants incision would heal?

I would like to know in worst case scenario how long will it take for incision from buttocks implants to fully heals? is it possible incision dose not... READ MORE

Longevity of butt implants. How do they look several years post op?

Hello I have read lots of questions about how long butt implants last etc, and I know that a well placed solid silicone butt implant should never have... READ MORE

After getting buttock implants, how long does the pain usually last?

If you have already have buttock implants and are going to remove and replace what steps do you take from there? For example: how long can you not sit... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old & I'm 120 lbs. Am I a good candidate? I'm gay are there any restrictions about getting butt implants? (photo)

If my body reacts bad to it after surgery is there another cost to getting them remove? How long are implants good for? After that certain amount of... READ MORE

Do butt implants last forever?

So I'd like to get butt implants. I'm 18 and I have NO butt at all. It really hurts my self esteem!! So, how much are they, and do they last forever?... READ MORE

After replacement buttock implantation surgery, how long should the pain last?

After replacement buttock implantation surgery how long should the pain last? READ MORE

How Long Do Butt Implants Usually Last? What Happens to Them Over Time?

I know that many surgeons say they SHOULD last a lifetime, but how long do they USUALLY last? also, after having them for a long time does the butt... READ MORE

After care length of physicians responsibility?

After butt implant long is the physician responsible for after care or seeing you as their patient after performing buttocks implant... READ MORE

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