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Butt Implants with Fat Transfer to Hips and Thighs?

If I burn fat fast, is it safer to get butt implants and fat transfer into my thighs and hips? What would be the minimum cost? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Custom Silicone Hip Implants for a Hourglass Figure?

Hi, I am 5`6 and i weight about 125 pounds. I am very slim. I have a small waist, & I want to get buttock implants and i want wider hips. I want... READ MORE

Do Hips Look Larger After Getting Butt IMPLANTS? (photo)

I`ve done my research and everything, and I'm getting 600CC`s Solid Silicone in EACH CHEEK. Bilateral Oval shape. I want the ``apple bottom`` look. I... READ MORE

Butt Implants And Fat Injections To Hips and thighs?

I was wondering if this is safe to do? Would the results be drastic? I kind of want a video vixen look. Like very thick thighs and hips and small... READ MORE

Is it possible to get butt implants large enough to widen my hips at all? (photo)

I want to get round butt implants and was wanting to know if I could get them large enough to make my hips more wide if possible? I am 5'2", 100 lbs.... READ MORE

Is there a such thing as hip implants? How is the procedure done & are most people satisfied with the results? (photos)

I was thinking about getting my entire body done. I a very curvy body but At the same very slim with a tiny waist like a hour glass. I know there is... READ MORE

What kind of buttock implants will widen my hips somewhat and give me projection? (Photo)

I feel my hips are narrow compared to the width at which my shoulders stand.So I'd like some enhancement there. I'd also like butt projection... READ MORE

Are cosmetic hip implants safe? Is it a common practice? If not, would butt implants help give me more of an hourglass shape?

I recently bumped into a doctor who does hip implants which are designed to give a woman a more feminine hourglass figure. He places an implant under... READ MORE

What Butt Implant shape do I need to add curve to my lower hips? (photo)

I want hourglass shape! I want curves! Is it possible to get an implant that will be positioned on the side of the butt or Like this two lines. / \ In... READ MORE

I'm really skinny and I need to know about hip, butt and thigh implants.

I been to doctors to see what's wrong and why I can't gain weight I want a curvy figure I don't like being skinny at all there is no way around that... READ MORE

Will oval buttock implants widen my hips?

I am petit with no hips but do have somewhat of a bum already. I had a consultation where the Dr said the biggest buttock implant I could get is 350cc... READ MORE

Nature forgot to give me hips and a butt! What can I do? Would surgery look natural? (Photo)

As a woman in my late twenties, it upsets me to have the lower body shape of an adolescent boy. What would be the best option for me? Its like the fat... READ MORE

Can Butt Implants Be Placed in the Hip Area?

I recently ( 3 days ago) had liposuction to the waist and back w/ the fat transferred to my butt. I wanted the fat transferred to my hips for a more... READ MORE

What's the difference between 400cc and 460cc?

I have bigger hips and was told that 400cc (round) were wider than 460cc (round) is this true? READ MORE

Buttock implants. oval or round? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I am 5.5' , 120 lb. My buttock measurements are width 14 cm and height 16 cm. I would like to have buttock implants but I am not sure... READ MORE

Is hip Implants ok?

Hello There i'm 21 and I want hips- Who is the best Doctor that anyone can recommend? no one in australia does fat transfer to the hips and i dont... READ MORE

Butt implants and 200cc fat grafting to hips? (Photo)

Hi Doctors, I am a soon to be 19year old female and I am interested in butt implants. I would prefer butt augmentation, but I am 5,4 and only weigh... READ MORE

Hip implants? (photo)

I am looking into getting the dips in my hips filled, I know this can be done through fat transfer, but I'm worried I might not have enough fat in my... READ MORE

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