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Butt implants are hard & swollen. What is wrong? (Photo)

I'm almost 3 weeks post op. I'm in so much pain. I can not sit & it's very hard to the touch. Today I went for a post op visit & fluid was drained,... READ MORE

Are butt implants hard?

Once butt implants are placed do they feel hard or somewhat soft and natural afterwards all the time or only during the recuperation? And is there... READ MORE

Can you get butt implants smaller than 200cc? Are anatomical implants likely to shift and cause deformity? (Photo)

Dilemma between butt implant removal and implant downsizing. 300 butt implants (round, hard silicone, under muscle), August 2014: look nice when... READ MORE

What is this pain? Where and why did this come after butt implant surgery? (photos)

Had butt implant surgery 10 wks ago on the 3rd wk this appeared and has NEVER LEFT...very painful affects my walk and is very, very hard...painful to... READ MORE

What happened to my implants? (photos)

My implants are getting hard and look like ugly READ MORE

3 yrs post op Butt implant, I began to feel pain, implant has move very high, and it's also very hard. Any suggestions?

I had butt implants placed 3 years ago, 1 year after the surgery I began to feel pain in my right implant, and now it has moved very high up on my... READ MORE

Butt implant, a lot of pain on edge of implants, hard and nerve pain with it. 2 implants within 6 months. Any suggestion?

Hello can someone tell me if once i develop scar tissue on butt implant can be fixed without further surgery? had butt implant replaced 2 months ago,... READ MORE

How long before I can massage to make it softer? Or do you have any suggestions for me?

I had butt implant on 7/15/2015. It has been 20 days, when i touch, it is hard. READ MORE

Will the implant ever get a little softer over time or does it remain hard?

While having intercourse, will my partner be able to see or feel my implants, and will he be able to tell that isnt apart of my bottom? READ MORE

Will my butt sag after implant removal?

I have solid silicon butt implants that are very hard and visible. I kind of want to take them out but im scared my butt will look worse than before.... READ MORE

Pain & fever 17 days post butt implants. (Photo)

I did bbl and implants 17 days ago. I still can't walk and I find it harder to walk now than before I got my drains out. It's also still hurts,... READ MORE

Will butt implants drop/soften and will the outline go away? (Photo)

I'm 3 months out and they're a tad hard nothing to crazy. I'm just worried about whenever I bend over. You can definitely see them. Will the outline... READ MORE

Butt Implant Trauma. Any suggestions?

I fell off a ladder from a high distance onto my butt mostly the top of it. Its very sore and i put ice on it. Will it create hematoma I had my... READ MORE

Butt implants too high? Right implant is higher than left and feels harder: I've been advised to massage it? (photos)

Almost a year ago I had 300cc intramuscular implants placed. Unfortunately the desired results were not met as I feel the implants are placed too high... READ MORE

Can you feel the implant when sat down or when you touch the buttocks?

Can you feel the implant when sat down or when you touch the buttocks? Does the buttocks feel hard or does it gradually get softer like a breast... READ MORE

I got buttock implants and fat transfer. I'm worried about how hard it is. Will it fall like breast implants?

I'm 5'1 120 lbs my doctor put in 485cc solid silicone implant and 390 fat transfer into my hips and lower buttocks my right cheek is higher then left... READ MORE

Is there a such thing of "soft" butt implants?

I am in the research part of my journey. I want to have a larger bun than currently. I am chatting to another Realself doll whos had implants done and... READ MORE

4 weeks post on tummy tuck, lipo, and butt implants. Wondering if implant shifted/folded? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op from a tummy tuck, laser lipo on flanks and back, and butt implants that were placed intramuscularly. Tummy is still pretty... READ MORE

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