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Is a 275cc Butt Implant Too Big?

Im 31 yrs old and recently got a consultaion for a butt implant. Im 5'4, 115 lbs, workout 5 days a week-toned body type, small frame.I have booty... READ MORE

190cc Butt Implants Enough for Small-framed Woman?

I am considering having Butt implants. I am a small framed woman 5'3" at 110 lb. I want my results to be noticeable in my clothing but I was told... READ MORE

Subfascial Buttock Implants Recovery Time vs Intramuscular?

I have decided that subfascial is my choice as far as placement goes. I have very elastic strong/ non sagging skin and I have been relatively the same... READ MORE

What Size Buttock Implant?

Hi i had the fat transfer procedure in May it didnt work as i didnt have much fat. What size buttock implant would give a noticeable result to me im... READ MORE

Are 290CC Butt Implants Enough for Small-framed Woman?

I am considering having Buttock implants. I am a very small framed woman 5'3" 108lb. I want my results to be noticeable in my clothing but... READ MORE

Which Size and Shape Butt Implants Should I Get? (Photos)

I want to get butt implants. Which size and shape do you suggest I get similar to my wish pic? want a big bubble butt and I want it to stick out READ MORE

Buttock Implant Shifting Positions

I would like to go ahead with buttock augmentation using implants. If I choose implants that are wider at the base or oval shaped then what are the... READ MORE

Heavy Weight Squats Post-Butt Augmentation.

Hello! I'm a 56kg female powerlifter, but my body is naturally very low fat. Despite a muscular lower body, my butt isn't satisfying and I'm... READ MORE

Nature forgot to give me hips and a butt! What can I do? Would surgery look natural? (Photo)

As a woman in my late twenties, it upsets me to have the lower body shape of an adolescent boy. What would be the best option for me? Its like the fat... READ MORE

Would It Be Cheaper to Get Butt Implants and Liposuction in my Stomach Area/flanks, Than to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I want a bigger butt but also want to get rid of fat around my stomach area by getting liposuction/tummy tuck, but I have a budget. I've done some... READ MORE

What Butt Implant Would You Recommend? Please Any Feedback Much Appreciated.

I am a female, 20 years old, 145 pounds, 6 foot, slim and big chested E cup. I have a medium sized round butt currently. What butt implant would look... READ MORE

How long does it take for a gluteal dehiscence to close? (photo)

S/P gluteal implant 250 cc round silicone. I'm a Healthy female with no medical problems.On Post op day 10. I had a wound dehiscence of the right... READ MORE

What is the best placement not to be able to feel the butt implant on a thin person? (photos)

I'm reading so many different opinions , I'm 46 and exercise a lot so I want fuller butt , not huge. READ MORE

Is it possible to make a custom silicone hip implants and butt implants? (photos)

I want more of a Kim kardashian body. Also what would the price be around to have custom implants in the biggest size I can go. I'd also want to have... READ MORE

To look like my wish pic, what butt implant size do I need and which areas need lipo? (Photo)

Is any fat grafting needed and what implant shape should i get i also am concern about size i dont want to go to small.can i get lipo on my knees they... READ MORE

How much do under the muscle butt implants drop over time? (photos)

How much do under the muscle implants drop id like to keep mine perky but wanted to know about how much they will drop with them under the muscle or... READ MORE

Wanting an Hourglass Booty: Poor Credit but a Reliable, Good Income - Can I Put $5000 Down and Pay Off the Rest?

My credit is very poor ,but I do have reliable income , are there any amazing experienced surgeons in this specific area (butt implants)that has... READ MORE

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