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Do Butt Implants Look and Feel Real? I Have a Thin Frame.

Despite some surgeons on this sites reccomendations for butt implants for a desired larger butt (ive found the reccomendations usually come from... READ MORE

Are Butt Implants Heavy and Uncomfortable? Does It Feel Real and Does it Jiggle?

I really need butt augmentation,since I have no fats I want to go with butt implants.are they heavy? does it feel funny? i currently wear silicone... READ MORE

Can Butt Implants Be Squeezed?

I was wondering how soft the Semi-Solid silicone butt implants feel? How flexible is this material? not just in the butt, but when you hold it in your... READ MORE

How do butt implants feel - for me and others? How long until they become comfortable?

I think I'm going to get implants but I am concerned of how they will feel!!! Both to myself and to others. How long till they become comfortable?... READ MORE

Will Other People Be Able to Tell I've Had Butt Implants if They Feel It?

I want to get butt implants but I'm scared how future lovers may react. I've done some research and the majority of things i've read,... READ MORE

What is the best placement not to be able to feel the butt implant on a thin person? (photos)

I'm reading so many different opinions , I'm 46 and exercise a lot so I want fuller butt , not huge. READ MORE

How soft are butt implants and how long does it take for you to feel the softness?

And can you feel the implant if you grab your bum? And how much perjection whould you get with a style 3, size 9, 489cc implant? Sorry so much at one... READ MORE

How will I feel on a flight after Butt implants?

Im from London and want to go to san domingo for butt implants, i plan to say for around a week then fly home, the flight is long with 1 stop would I... READ MORE

Does Butt implant size impact how it feels? Is 400cc too big? (Photo)

Hello there booty docs. I'm considerinf butt implants and am afraid of going too large. Would an implant smaller than 400ccs make a difference to my... READ MORE

Both cheeks don't feel the same 10 weeks after surgery

It has been 10 weeks after the surgery, my both buttocks still don't feel the same. The right one is more prominent and stiff, and the left one is... READ MORE

I am considering butt implants with a BBL after unsatisfying first BBL. Are the butt implants really that fake feeling? (Photo)

My question is, are butt implants truly that fake feeling? Or does it just feel firm like you work out? With an added bbl could I have a some what... READ MORE

After sufficient recovery time, do buttock implants truly feel comfortable as if you never had the procedure?

I know this one is asked a lot. I know the implants are placed higher than where we typically sit. However, I've seen reviews from patients who... READ MORE

It has been 8 weeks since I had buttock implants surgery but both my sides still feel different.

When I lie down, I feel my right cheek is more prominent than the left one. However when I went to my doctor's office. He couldn't see the difference... READ MORE

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