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What is the Recovery Like for Butt Implants?

I woud like to know how long the recovery is or butt implants, and if there are certain things you can and cannot do while your healing. how long do... READ MORE

Do Butt Implants Look and Feel Real? I Have a Thin Frame.

Despite some surgeons on this sites reccomendations for butt implants for a desired larger butt (ive found the reccomendations usually come from... READ MORE

Butt Implant Infection

I had butt implant put in about 12 days ago and they infected. I had do much pain and got really sick I had to go the emergency room. They told me the... READ MORE

I Just Want a Big, but HEALTHY, Butt! Are Implants A Good Option For Me?

I am 200 lbs and 6'0, and I want butt implants so bad. I originally wanted fat grafting, until I kept seeing forums where doctors said you will... READ MORE

Will Butt Implants Become Less Riskier As Newer Technology Develops, or Will There Always Be Inherent Risks of Butt Implants?

In your opinion do you think butt implants will become a less risky procedure with fewer complications as technology advances, or do you think butt... READ MORE

I had butt implants. I still have on and off fluid drainage. My doctors has sent off my fluids for a culture.

7 months ago I had butt implant surgery, on and off I still have fluid drainage, it does not have an odor and I have not been sick or hurting or run a... READ MORE

I would like butt implants but I'm only 127 and 5'2 . Im not sure if it would look right and I have a set price in mind (photo)

Any suggestions on who I should set a appointment with AN what exspect wen getting but implants while not having a lot of fat on your body already ?... READ MORE

What can I expect the recovery process to be?

I want to have a butt implant and a butt lift, removal of excess skin, after weight loss. When will I be able to sit down. When will I be able to lift... READ MORE

How Long Do Butt Implants Usually Last? What Happens to Them Over Time?

I know that many surgeons say they SHOULD last a lifetime, but how long do they USUALLY last? also, after having them for a long time does the butt... READ MORE

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