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Nerves Healing or Impatient? (Butt Implants 3 Wks Post-op)

I am having right side buttock and calf pain 3 wks post-op from butt implants 335 ccs. I am on Lyrica for a week to see if it will help. I was told... READ MORE

Butt implant removal. Saggy skin/deformed. What can I do?

Hi, I had butt implants for 1 year. After a year of wearing tight garments (was suppose to help) the implants would still stick out and where... READ MORE

When will I see results butt implants 550cc? (Photo)

I got surgery Jan/14/16 it's been little over a week now I've been in so much pain lately and feeling really down wasn't expecting such an ugly... READ MORE

After a butt implant revision, is it required to put the patient on a compression garment?

After a butt implant revision removing scar tissue is it necessary to put the patient on a Compression garment? READ MORE

Do you think this buttock implant incision will heal on its own? If not what are your recommendations? (Photos)

Curious as to if you think this will heal on its own? If so what's the realistic time expectation. My dr. Has told me 1-2 weeks twice now during 2... READ MORE

Is 360cc round too small, since I'm 5'10"? And will the all over compression garment flatten my implants?

I just did my second butt implant surgery (previously i had 450cc oval anatomic but due to infection and other complications i had to remove them),... READ MORE

Sciatic pain after Seroma drainage? How long until butt implants are not sore anymore? When do you finally obtain full mobility?

I had buttock implants placed 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks into it, I had a Seroma drained. I was doing just fine right before it. When will the sciatic pain... READ MORE

Do I need a revision or can compression garments help? (photos)

I had my implants put in in Asia (honestly because of cost), Its not 9 months after, and i suddenly started feeling pain when lying on my stomach... READ MORE

Should you wear a compression garment after butt augmentation?

One week ago, i had 548cc round butt implants under the muscle put in and was not sent home with any compression garment, however, i was advised that... READ MORE

Is it possible for my butt to look the same after wearing compression shorts after surgery?

I got butt implants, and one of them looks like it fell out of place it was fine when i got it done 2 months before but now it looks like one is out... READ MORE

Do butt implants require a compression garment post surgery? Preventive clotting and so forth?

Should I order compression tights for post butt implant surgery or get a pair of too-small leggings to wear after surgery? READ MORE

Is there any benefit to wearing compression garment longer than requested?

I have had butt implants, lipo w/ fat transfer and tightening of lower ab muscle. I will be wearing the compression garment 24/7 for two weeks and... READ MORE

Compression garment and butt implants pain. Why is this happening? Should I stop wearing it? (Photo)

Im one week post butt implants I have pain on my right side with difficulty on walking but whenever I remove my compression garment all the pain goes... READ MORE

Do garments problem in the shape of butt after butt implants?? (photos)

I had a surgery on 30th of March and my garment was cut off for me to go to bathroom easily. The garment was wide opened and I realized this weird... READ MORE

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