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Bad Butt Implant for Male

I had Butt Implants surgery 5 weeks ago. When I go to sit down or bend over, you can see the pronounced outline of the implant. When I squeeze my... READ MORE

Butt Implants With No Drainage Tubes-What Did my Doctor Do Wrong and What Could the Complications Be?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 & 1 wk after surgery my wound split WIDE OPEN.I later foundout tht my surgeon shouldve placed a drainage tube... READ MORE

What is The Worst That Could Happen After Butt Implants? Can They Explode?

So I ruled out fat transfer cause I'm so thin. I want butt implants its hard to find any useful information out there on them... In the news... READ MORE

Butt Implants. Respected Surgeon Says He Wont Do Them, He's Seen Too Many Problems. Your Valued Opinion Please ?

Butt Implants. Respected Surgeon Says He Wont Do Them, He's Seen Too Many Problems. Your Valued Opinion Please ? READ MORE

What are the risks involved with having Butt Implants and how long do they typically last?

Ive spoken to a few cosmetic centre coordinators and apparently according to me weight and height I'm not a candidate for brazillian butt lift and... READ MORE

Is it a common outcome that buttock implants over time drop into lower pole ?

Is it a possible complication that buttock implants even placed intra or under the muscle can drop into the lower pole after 2 or more years ? I am... READ MORE

Follow-up: Major butt implant complication. Please read previous question posted. (Photo)

Breast & butt implants 5mths ago. When I clean or be active next day my left implant hurts & cant lay on it. Had ultrasound & MRI of my butt 3&4 weeks... READ MORE

Complication rate for buttock implant surgery?

There was an article published in the April 2013 issue of "Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery." The authors say the overall rate of complication (38%)... READ MORE

Can you tell someone has a butt implant by grabbing their butt? Is the complication/redo rate high? (Photos)

Honestly i dont like the idea of implant but i want more volume and curve, i exercise alot but still cant get a bubble butt. im too skinny to get fat... READ MORE

What are the complications associated with buttock implant removal?

7 weeks post-op, ~300cc implants inserted under the muscle, no complications. They are uncomfortable to sit/sleep on so I am considering explantation.... READ MORE

What are some Butt augmentation complications?

I have recently been interested in butt implants, and would definitely get it intramuscular to avoid complications. However, I have heard an implant... READ MORE

When performed correctly, are silicone butt implants safe?

I know all surgeries have a risk for complications, but there seems to be so many reported cases of "botched" butt implants. However, i know that in... READ MORE

Is it possible for an infection to last in Butt implants for several years?

Is it possible for butt implants to hold an infection for years after being implanted? i had quite a few complications with my surgery involving... READ MORE

Why hasn't anyone mentioned the drains you get after butt implant surgery. I had my drains in for 7wks!.

This drain aspect is the worst of the whole surgery! Now that i've had a complication on my right one and had to be removed and replaced again. I'm... READ MORE

Buttock implants longevity: what happens to your implants when you get older?

Say you get butt implants in your 20s (me) - what happens to them when you are 50, 60? You lose muscle as you get older right so won't they sag? Just... READ MORE

How common are getting any issues after getting hip implants?

I have a dip in my hips and barely any fat on my body, I'm considering hip implants but I wanna know the risk and how common is it were people get... READ MORE

Why am I having pain with drains? 5 months post op butt implant complications. Removal? Need new surgeon (Photo)

Read my previous questions to see the complications I've had with my implants. 10 days ago drain was put in my left implant. 75cc came out every 24hrs... READ MORE

Leaking fluid from butt incision. How normal is it? 3 weeks post-op. (Photos)

How can I take care of this issue to avoid further complications? Tomorrow I'll be 3 weeks post gluteal implants, yesterday my right cheek was hurting... READ MORE

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