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Are Butt Implants a Longer Lasting Solution Than Fat Transfer?

I work out almost every day i lift weights and my butt is still very flat and i have no hips i am very thin and i dont really want butt implants would... READ MORE

Buttock Implants: What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Round vs. Anatomical Shaped Implants?

Some doctors swear by ROUND ONLY buttock implants in part because if they move or spin they are less likely to be noticed or look strange. HOWEVER,... READ MORE

Best Buttock Implant - Solid Silicone or Silicone-Filled?

I'm getting butt implants but i dont know which one would best for me.solid silicone or silicone filled implant and would is the average cost for... READ MORE

What Type of Butt Implant is Best? What's Normal Longevity?

I am planning on getting butt implants but do not know much about what implant is best and what position to have them placed in. Are they similar to... READ MORE

Which size and shape would be best for butt implants, round or oval?

If I'm looking to achieve fullness on mid/bottom of my buttock, which shape would best, oval or round? Want a bubble butt but not so high. HELP... READ MORE

Best Option for Gluteal Implants - Intramuscular or Submuscular?

What's the best option for a man: intramuscular or submuscular implants? I'd like the final look and feel to the touch to be as natural as... READ MORE

Butt implants over or under muscle?

I currently have round over the muscle implants but the shape is all wrong for me. When I bend over the implant does not cover my whole butt & looks... READ MORE

Cohevise Gel Butt Implants > Silicone Implants?

I'll be getting butt implants in the US since I can't gain weight & there aren't any canadian doctors specializing in this. However, my only... READ MORE

Best implant shape for petite frame wanting hips and projection? (Photo)

I am petite 34" hip/booty currently. I want wider hips and a bigger, fuller butt. I am getting a butt implant with fat transfer on top/to hips for my... READ MORE

What is the better buttock implant shape? (Photo)

My Dr wants to use oval implant which I agreed to but now I am questioning whether I want round implants instead. I want to be as wide as possible on... READ MORE

BBL or implants? Do implants have to be redone after 10 years? How long does it take to get used to them? (Photo)

I was told the fat transfer doesn't last and I don't have enough to really give me projection and roundness. I am 5'2" and 145lbs 33% body fat. One... READ MORE

I'm 24 yr old male in shape. Which Butt Implants would you recommend; Sientra round ? 340 cc or 440cc? (photos)

Im booked to get implants next month , has anyone used the round Sientra smooth implants.. were you happy with the result? do you think it would... READ MORE

Are butt implants hard?

Once butt implants are placed do they feel hard or somewhat soft and natural afterwards all the time or only during the recuperation? And is there... READ MORE

What's a better type of implant? Cohesive gel implants or silicone?

Since I'm too small for a BBL, I decided to go with implants. What is the difference between cohesive gel implants that they use in Mexico DR etc and... READ MORE

Would Butt Implants Give Me a Firmer Harder Butt over Fat Grafting?

I have had three children and worked out hard with a trainer to get my body back in shape but no matter how much I diet or exercise I cant firm up my... READ MORE

Which butt implant manufacturer would you suggest, Implantech, Spectrum, or AART? (Photo)

Butt dimensions were measured already by a professional on a consult which was 13x19....I have no desire for an oval implant only round so which would... READ MORE

Round or oval butt implants? Surgery is soon (Photo)

Dear Doctors. November 20th 2015 I had a BBL with 5 liters of fat out with vaser and 650cc's of fat transfered to each cheek. I love The results of... READ MORE

Buttock Implants: Conflicting Advice on Subfacial vs. Intramuscular Placement?

Consulted 2 plastic surgeons, BOTH experienced in buttock implants. 2 different views on PLACEMENT. Doctor No. 1 suggests INTRAMUSCULAR placement with... READ MORE

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