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Is It Safe to Get Breast Implants and Butt Implants at Same Time??

Hi I am looking at getting breast implants and butt implants at the same time. Would this in anyway compromise the healing process or effect the... READ MORE

Can a Buttocks Augmentation Be Combined with Buttock Implants?

Can a butt augmentation be combined with buttock implants? i have been considering a butt augmentation for the second time but sense i do work out i... READ MORE

Can I Have Fat Injections on Top of my Butt Implants?

I got butt implants about 4 years ago and I didnt like the results. They just look like two lumps in my butt. they do not give my butt any round shape... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks After Implants Are Put In?

I had a fat transfer to my butt last year. but im a normal skinny person so they could not get to much fat. last month i was getting butt implants... READ MORE

Could I Get Breast Aug, Lipo, And Butt Implants All At Once?

Is there any way that I could get breast augmentation, buttocks implants, & lipo suction to my hip sides (love handles) all at ones? I know I... READ MORE

Can I Have Fat Injection Put into my Butt if I Have Butt Implants Already?

Can I Have Fat Injection Put into my Butt if I Have Butt Implants Already? READ MORE

Butt implants and injections; is it cost effective and will results be enhanced if done simultaneously?

It appears I do not have enough fat to accomplish my desired derrière with just buttock injections. I have high expectations for upside down heart ... READ MORE

Butt implant with fat transfer by liposuction. What is the price? (Photo)

Hi I am looking for the right doctor and at affordable price. I am 21 years old will be 22 by the time am having the surgery. My butt is not flat I... READ MORE

How can I get unnatural implants? (photos)

I'm looking for butt implants that dont look natural. Very small waist with huge hips an butt. I've seen before and after butt implant pics and it... READ MORE

Right upper butt pokes bad after butt implants, is this normal? (Photos)

I had butt implants ( BICONVEX 370cc intramuscular ) 5 days ago combined with 400cc fat to each side and I still can't to anything but lay on my... READ MORE

Can I get butt and breast implants in one surgery?

I am 25yrs 5'7 in height and 135lbs narrow hips 34A. I want to get breast and butt implants all in one surgery. I Wana get atleast 500ccs in my breast... READ MORE

How much cc butt implants will give my butt a nice projection? (photos)

I dont want a small looking butt. I also dont think a small implant is good enough to fill up most of my saggy skin due to much weightloss. I already... READ MORE

Butt implants with fat transfer, some doctors do it, others do not recommended. Is this not standard practice?

Some PS do it to make the buttocks look fuller, as the fat transfer compliments the butt implants. Other PS says it's not ideal to do fat transfer... READ MORE

Age requirement for butt implants w/ fat grafting?

I am 16 and have discussed this surgery with my mother who is on board but prefers for me to wait until my body is "fully developed", around what age... READ MORE

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