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Is Silimed a good implant for the buttock? If so do they really last a lifetime?

Dr.gongora in Mexico uses this brand and being away from home and having similar implants to boobs scare me but the feeling is lovely .is cohesive gel... READ MORE

Chance these implants will ever look more natural as the muscle stretches, or do these need to be removed? (Photo)

I had implants a month ago(200 cc intramuscular cohesive gel anatomic).They are Very visible all the way around. I am 111 Ib. Am I too thin too hide... READ MORE

Cohevise Gel Butt Implants > Silicone Implants?

I'll be getting butt implants in the US since I can't gain weight & there aren't any canadian doctors specializing in this. However, my only... READ MORE

Why isn't my incision closing after I had butt implants? (Photo)

It has been almost two months since I had butt implants. I had 375 ccs of cohesive silicone implants placed intramuscularly. I had my drains in for 4... READ MORE

Why Hasn't the FDA Approved Cohesive Gel Implants for Buttock Enhancement?

What are the risks of cohesive gel implants? They are approved in other countries (Argentina, Brazil, etc). Why hasn't the FDA approved them for... READ MORE

450cc or 500cc. Is there any big difference between these two implants?

I want to change my old 450cc oval implants to bigger implants cohesive silicon gel implants, but the only biggest size my surgeon has is 500cc oval... READ MORE

What's a better type of implant? Cohesive gel implants or silicone?

Since I'm too small for a BBL, I decided to go with implants. What is the difference between cohesive gel implants that they use in Mexico DR etc and... READ MORE

Gluteal implants migrating , what is the best solution?

I got gluteal implants year and a half ago. Never being happy with the results , they feel heavy and prohibited me from excercise . Recently I started... READ MORE

250cc 275cc Silimed cohesive butt implants intramuscular. Surgery in 2 weeks. 2nd opinions. 5'6", 130 pounds (Photo)

I'm 5'6.5 130 pounds & toned,athletic build. I have an ok amount of booty, but I'm lacking volume in the middle/top to produce a nice curve. I also... READ MORE

I just had butt implants intramuscularly and i am having some wound dehiscence. is there anything i can do?

I am 130 lbs, my doctor told me that my butt would be able to hold 375 ccs. he placed them intramuscularly with one incision using round cohesive... READ MORE

Do cohesive gel implants feel softer than silicone?(butt implants)

Do cohesive gel butt implants feel softer than silicone ones? I know that there's a small risk of rupturing with cohesive gel implants but do they... READ MORE

The statistics on Cohesive Gel Gluteal Implants and stats on oval implant rotation incidents.

Being a traveler, I go to many countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Europe. The cohesive gel type implant is the standard there. Why is it not here?... READ MORE

Are Cohesive Buttock Implants used in the US?

Ive been seeing that alot of girls travel out of the US for buttock implants. Not only is the surgery cheaper but they also use cohesive gel implants.... READ MORE

Cohesive gel vs semi solid silicone for butt implants? (photos)

(Answers from Dr. Stanton, Dr. Gongora, & Dr. Salama would be GREATLY appreciated, as I will be seeing one of you for my surgery) I know cohesive gel... READ MORE

My butt implants are visible when bending over. Would oval cohesive implants be a better option?

I have butt implants (not sure exact size) but they look round. I love the way I look standing up but when I sit and bend over (especially during sex)... READ MORE

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