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I Caught an Infection with Silicone Butt Implants

I caught an infection and by the 15 day of post-op, I had them removed. The pain started on my right side. The pain was so bad it went down my right... READ MORE

What causes butt implants to shift?

What causes butt implants to shift? Will I need a revision if my butt implant shift? READ MORE

I had butt implants on 10/6/2016. I have a large indentation on my left butt cheek. What could be the cause? (Photos)

I had butt augmentation on 10/6/2016. 300cc. I am 2 weeks post-op and have a rather large indentation on my left butt cheek. We noticed the... READ MORE

My buttock implants get very sore after sitting for a long time or exercising. Should I consider removal?

I had tear drop implants for several years and I found they were causing some soreness and inflammation because my dr said they couldn't "spin". Plus... READ MORE

Can butt implants cause permanent numbing of the butt?

Hi I am considering a BBL with implant. I was wondering if a butt implant can cause permenant numbing of the butt? The way a breast implant can? Also... READ MORE

My intramuscular buttocks implants 11 weeks post surgery keeps moving out of place. What's the cause for this to happen? (Photo)

I had intramuscular implants done 11 weeks ago and I had a few complications with healing I was leaking bloody water from the incision where now my... READ MORE

Buttock implants longevity: what happens to your implants when you get older?

Say you get butt implants in your 20s (me) - what happens to them when you are 50, 60? You lose muscle as you get older right so won't they sag? Just... READ MORE

Why am I having pain with drains? 5 months post op butt implant complications. Removal? Need new surgeon (Photo)

Read my previous questions to see the complications I've had with my implants. 10 days ago drain was put in my left implant. 75cc came out every 24hrs... READ MORE

I had butt implant revision approx 1 month ago. Now one side continues to produce fluid constantly. Why is this happening?

I had butt implant revision approx 1 month ago. Now one side continues to build fluid constantly and she drains it a couple times a week. Why does my... READ MORE

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