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I Want Hip and Butt Implants is This Possible? (photo)

I want implants in my butt but also near my hips to widen them. I know its foolish of the hip implants to be placed on my hip bones it would be... READ MORE

Butt Implants for Very Small Frame?

I am 32 years old and weight 95 pounds 5'3. I am considering butt implants not a candidate for the BBL. I can never gain weight and wanted a nice butt... READ MORE

I Am 42 Year Old Female, Measurements- 37-32-38, I Want a Bigger Booty and Smaller Waist?

I am 5'0. Weight 140 lbs; Breast 37; Waist 32; Hips 38. I want a bigger booty with a smaller waist. I am pretty active- in the gym 5 timees a week. I... READ MORE

I Just Want a Big, but HEALTHY, Butt! Are Implants A Good Option For Me?

I am 200 lbs and 6'0, and I want butt implants so bad. I originally wanted fat grafting, until I kept seeing forums where doctors said you will... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks After Implants Are Put In?

I had a fat transfer to my butt last year. but im a normal skinny person so they could not get to much fat. last month i was getting butt implants... READ MORE

Buttock augmentation for athletes?

I'm a bikini competitor and also a personal trainer. I will like to get implants for my butt but When I get ready lean for shows my body fat can get... READ MORE

Butt implants and fat grafting (Photo)

Will 450cc intramuscular butt implants and fat grafting to hips give me a round butt? Or would a butt lift with implants be a better option for me. I... READ MORE

How big will my butt implants have to be to look like this? (Photo)

This is my dream picture and i was told 400cc would do the trick... what do you guys think? READ MORE

Can I Still Have Butt Implants if I Have 3rd Degree Burns Across my Bum?

Hi i was thrown in a bath of hot water and held in by my then adoptive mother, i was 4 years old. Im now 32 and have 3rd degrees stretching over... READ MORE

Butt implants and 200cc fat grafting to hips? (Photo)

Hi Doctors, I am a soon to be 19year old female and I am interested in butt implants. I would prefer butt augmentation, but I am 5,4 and only weigh... READ MORE

Is 500 cc butt implant a good fit at only 100 pounds? (photo)

Im 4'9 and weight about 100 pounds is 500 cc butt implant a good fit for me are not? My doctor says its good but i dont know im a very small woman. READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Butt Implants or Am I to Thin That the Implant Will Show? (photo)

I'd really like to improve my buttock projection. More so on the superior aspect. I know I'm not a good candidate for fat grafting ( nor would I want... READ MORE

I'm tiny! Will I not be able to get implants? (Photo)

Hey! I'm a guy who is wanting to have a more pronounced butt and feminine shape. What I'm concerned about is that I'm 5 feet 2 inches tall and I weigh... READ MORE

Butt implants on a very skinny tall girl. Will it look unnatural no matter what I do? (Photo)

Ive always dreamed of a heart shape waist. nothing to big but just something to give me a curvy figure in clothes, my only concern is im afraid with... READ MORE

Biggest butt implants I can get?

I'm 5'6 and weigh 147 pounds.. I want butt implants with fat grafting, and I want my butt HUGE! What's the biggest size of implants I can go? It's... READ MORE

Is it Okay To Get Butt Implants With Protein S Defiency? Can I Take Lovenox After?

I have a genetic called protein s defiency..I want to get butt implants and I want to know if it is ok to take lovenox after the surgery to prevent... READ MORE

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