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Can You Feel Butt Implants when You Sit Down?

If I get butt implants, will I be able to feel the implants when I sit down?  Will I be able to tell there's something artificial in there? READ MORE

Butt Implant Sizes

Are there different sizes for the butt implants like the ones for breast implant in cubic centimeters? Thanks. READ MORE

Are Buttock Implants Very Painful?

What's the usual amount of pain associated with having butt implants? READ MORE

Butt Implants with Fat Transfer to Hips and Thighs?

If I burn fat fast, is it safer to get butt implants and fat transfer into my thighs and hips? What would be the minimum cost? READ MORE

How Often Do You Need to Keep Getting Butt Implants?

I want to get a butt injection or butt implants. Do you have to get them every few months or is it just a one time deal and you have a butt forever? READ MORE

Painful and Tight Buttocks After Butt Implants

I had my butt implants put in around 9 years ago, and now I feel tightness along with pain in my buttocks that goes down my legs. My butt gets really... READ MORE

190cc Butt Implants Enough for Small-framed Woman?

I am considering having Butt implants. I am a small framed woman 5'3" at 110 lb. I want my results to be noticeable in my clothing but I was told... READ MORE

Are Butt Implants Safe After Having Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Grafting) but now I want Butt implants. Is that safe? READ MORE

Will Butt Implants Make Stretch Marks Worse?

I love me and i love showing me off, but i have strech marks and i really hate it... it makes me feel so ashamed because i am petite... but i really... READ MORE

How Can Ruptured Butt Implants Be Fixed?

I had butt implants 1 year ago. One of the implants have popped out from under the muscle. I can see and feel a bump. How can this be corrected? Can... READ MORE

What Size Buttock Implant?

Hi i had the fat transfer procedure in May it didnt work as i didnt have much fat. What size buttock implant would give a noticeable result to me im... READ MORE

Replace Butt Implants with Larger Ones in the Same Area?

Can the Butt implants I have now be removed and have bigger ones placed in the same area? Would that be a problem for me? READ MORE

Is Silimed a good implant for the buttock? If so do they really last a lifetime?

Dr.gongora in Mexico uses this brand and being away from home and having similar implants to boobs scare me but the feeling is lovely .is cohesive gel... READ MORE

250ccs Butt Implants Worth It?

I went to 3 plastic surgeons, I was told I do not have enough fat for the fat transfer. I now want implants done. My plastic surgeon, says she most... READ MORE

Butt implants for a male?

This may be an odd question but I am a male interested in bottom augmentation. For years now I've wanted something different that stands out and have... READ MORE

Will oval buttock implants widen my hips?

I am petit with no hips but do have somewhat of a bum already. I had a consultation where the Dr said the biggest buttock implant I could get is 350cc... READ MORE

What Butt Implant Sizes Are There?

I want round butt implants whats the largest size ?? READ MORE

If I Get Lipo How Many Days After Can I Get Butt Implants?

I was going to get lipo done on my Buffalo Hump Upper Abdomen Lower Abdomen Pannus or Apron Love Handles Lower Back Pubic Buttocks Banana Roll Upper... READ MORE

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