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Bruising and Pain Post Butt Implant Procedure? (photo)

I got butt implants placed under the fascia April 9th. Since then the right implant is higher, significantly firmer, sensitive, and is continuously... READ MORE

Bruising and Pain Months After Butt Implants. Any Advice? Help! (photo)

I had buttock implants placed sub Fascia in April. On is much former than the other and sits higher. The other is relatively soft and has better... READ MORE

Butt implants bruising 2 weeks after surgery. (photo)

This bruising started 2 weeks after my buttocks implant ... what is this a sign of . I am going to see my surgeon Monday but i want to hear other... READ MORE

Butt augmentation sagging 3 weeks post? My plastic surgeon said it was intramuscular? (Photo)

Today is my 3 weeks post. This morning I noticed my butt implants were A LOT smaller. They've also moved down to my middle/lower butt which doesn't... READ MORE

2 months post op butt implants. Why do I have a hard dent/bruise? (photos)

So I got butt implants about 2 months ago and so far everything has gone well. No fevers,incision is closed,I am back to normal life. However,I have a... READ MORE

Should I be worried about bruising lower butt cheek?

I am one week post op and I am getting bruising on my lower butt cheek and it is painful do you think it it from the settling of the implant ??? READ MORE

I had buttock implants over 10 years ago. Should I have the ruptured implant replaced?

About 3-4 yrs ago I had to have an endoscopy and the doctor saw that one was ruptured so she reported it to my plastic surgeon. At that time he did... READ MORE

I had big lumps of fat necrosis that I had mostly removed and put in butt implants at the same time. Is this normal?

I had big lumps of fat nerosis that I had mostly removed and put in butt implants at the same time I'm wondering is it normal to feel pain underneath... READ MORE

I have had buttock implants for over 10 years. One had been ruptured for four years. Any suggestions?

My right buttock implant feels as if I have pressure on a nerve and when I feel the outside it feels bruised. It also has a rupture and was proven via... READ MORE

Post butt augmentation: what does this look like on my butt, an Infection? Or just bruising that takes time to heal? (Photos)

I had bbl with lipo and implants and the swelling is becoming extremely painful in the red areas. Sometimes it just feels like it's going to explode... READ MORE

Why do I have bruising on the left and right side? (Photo)

I develop some bruising on the left and right cheek. The left has to be a little bit more aggravated. I noticed the aggravation after intense workout.... READ MORE

2 yrs post op and weight gain. I began to get a bruising color on butt cheek and crack. Any suggestions? (photos)

My weight gain caused the skin to streatch with lots of pressure My crack and prior scars got a brownish color around it. My left cheek started out... READ MORE

Advice for alleviating swelling, scarring and bruising due to lipo and butt implants?

I just had my surgeries on July 28th, so I realize my swelling, bruising, etc. I'm hoping there are steps I can take to help bruising, swelling... READ MORE

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