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Are 400 Cc Butt Implants Too Big? I Want A Revision. I Weigh 135 Pounds (photo)

Ive had butt implants 2 years ago dont know exactly what size but it is not drastic like i expected...i want them bigger READ MORE

Butt implant; Subfascial vs. Intramuscular & shape? (photos)

May need to switch doctors :( My questions, dr.2. told me muscle is like cutting thin paper, how do doctors open up the butt cheek enough to dissect a... READ MORE

Butt implant revision? Are they too high?

Left implant seems under the fascia and right under more muscle then the left the right moves heaps and kind of hurts I think he placed them to high I... READ MORE

I'm 24 yr old male in shape. Which Butt Implants would you recommend; Sientra round ? 340 cc or 440cc? (photos)

Im booked to get implants next month , has anyone used the round Sientra smooth implants.. were you happy with the result? do you think it would... READ MORE

Are there any high semi-solid round silicon implants bigger than 600cc? I like the gummy bear feeling but in round shape.

I dont want them soft gel silicon, i want them semi-solid bc i want to use them for my butt and the ones use here in the USA f are too hard.Silimed... READ MORE

Buttock Implant Removal and Bigger Replacement

After Removing Buttuck Implants, Can You Have Some More Replaced for a Bigger Size? READ MORE

Butt Implant 10 Months Ago, Want to Make it Bigger?

Hi i have my butt implant 10 mounths ago..its good and i like it but i want to make it question is can i make my butt muscle with implant... READ MORE

For intra muscular or under the muscle butt implants is it better to have a bigger firmer gluteal muscle? (photo)

Hello, I'm seriously considering butt implants and would want them placed under the muscle or inside of the muscle. My question is in preparation for... READ MORE

Any suggestions on capsulectomy after butt implant removal? (photos)

Hi doctors, thank you for your time. I had gluteal implants placed 2 years ago, the tissue in the right side became infected. I had the implants taken... READ MORE

Is my butt implant shifting? (photos)

1 month post op. One implant is bigger than the other. the same implant that's bigger is higher than the other. I am having some nerve pain on the... READ MORE

Butt implant replacement after 1 year. Is it possible to have that corrected and go bigger at the same time?

I got gluteal implants a yr ago. 1 sits slightly higher then the other. Is it possible to have that corrected and go bigger at the same time. 300 cc... READ MORE

A Little Red my Left Butt After Butt Implants, What Can I Do? I Had my Surgery Done 7 Days Ago.

I had butt implants 7days ago. Really I change it bigger to 375cc after 3years. In 2009 everything was ok with my implants only I think they were to... READ MORE

I'm disappointed with my final result (butt implants). Any suggestions?

I initially had no fat in my buttock so I chose implants because this is an issue affecting my self esteem and my life in general. I liked my results... READ MORE

Would butt implants cover my tail bone that's sticking out? (photos)

I'm 5'5 98 lbs. I have no fat to do fat transfer and I want to get a bigger butt and some hips and cover my tail bone that's sticking out. What... READ MORE

What is the biggest size of butt implant that you could legally put in the US?

Please what is the biggest size of butt implant that you could legally put in the US? Why is macrolane not available in US? isn't it safe? READ MORE

After Butt Implants does the projection get bigger after the muscles have stretched?

Some say after 1 month butt gets bigger due muscles have relaxed to allow butt implants to poke out more, is this true? I hear many say "fluff", what... READ MORE

Which manufacturers make butt implants bigger than 545cc? I want to exchange mine for a bigger size. (Photo)

What manufacture made them bigger than 545cc round and semi solid?? I have very soft silicon butt implant that they dont gave me that projection i... READ MORE

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