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How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

Why are the prices so different between doctors? READ MORE

Can You Feel Butt Implants when You Sit Down?

If I get butt implants, will I be able to feel the implants when I sit down?  Will I be able to tell there's something artificial in there? READ MORE

What is the Recovery Like for Butt Implants?

I woud like to know how long the recovery is or butt implants, and if there are certain things you can and cannot do while your healing. how long do... READ MORE

Butt Implant Sizes

Are there different sizes for the butt implants like the ones for breast implant in cubic centimeters? Thanks. READ MORE

Do Butt Implants Look and Feel Real? I Have a Thin Frame.

Despite some surgeons on this sites reccomendations for butt implants for a desired larger butt (ive found the reccomendations usually come from... READ MORE

Are Butt Implants a Longer Lasting Solution Than Fat Transfer?

I work out almost every day i lift weights and my butt is still very flat and i have no hips i am very thin and i dont really want butt implants would... READ MORE

Are Buttock Implants Very Painful?

What's the usual amount of pain associated with having butt implants? READ MORE

Butt Implants with Fat Transfer to Hips and Thighs?

If I burn fat fast, is it safer to get butt implants and fat transfer into my thighs and hips? What would be the minimum cost? READ MORE

How Often Do You Need to Keep Getting Butt Implants?

I want to get a butt injection or butt implants. Do you have to get them every few months or is it just a one time deal and you have a butt forever? READ MORE

I'm Interested in Bottom Implants.where Are the Scars Placed??

You kindly answered my question concerning fat injections to bottom area. I now know that is not what I am looking for. I need more of an implant in... READ MORE

Is a 275cc Butt Implant Too Big?

Im 31 yrs old and recently got a consultaion for a butt implant. Im 5'4, 115 lbs, workout 5 days a week-toned body type, small frame.I have booty... READ MORE

Booty Implants: when Do They Harden?

Can some tell me about butt implants and when they harden and need replacing READ MORE

How Much Are Butt Implants in the Chicago Area?

I was thinking about getting butt implants i wanted to know how much it cost in the chicago area and is there a payment plan availiable READ MORE

Who's Best at Butt Implants in Miami, Florida?

I live in Canada and plan on coming to Miami to get butt implants.I workout a lot so fat transfer is probably not for me. Who's best at implants? I'm... READ MORE

I Want Hip and Butt Implants is This Possible? (photo)

I want implants in my butt but also near my hips to widen them. I know its foolish of the hip implants to be placed on my hip bones it would be... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Custom Silicone Hip Implants for a Hourglass Figure?

Hi, I am 5`6 and i weight about 125 pounds. I am very slim. I have a small waist, & I want to get buttock implants and i want wider hips. I want... READ MORE

Best Doctor for Buttock Implants in California?

I was excited about my buttock implants surgery with dr efrntsaingzalez in sublin ca but just hurd in the news a lady reprted for doing bad worl on... READ MORE

190cc Butt Implants Enough for Small-framed Woman?

I am considering having Butt implants. I am a small framed woman 5'3" at 110 lb. I want my results to be noticeable in my clothing but I was told... READ MORE

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