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Buttock Implants: What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Round vs. Anatomical Shaped Implants?

Some doctors swear by ROUND ONLY buttock implants in part because if they move or spin they are less likely to be noticed or look strange. HOWEVER,... READ MORE

Can you get butt implants smaller than 200cc? Are anatomical implants likely to shift and cause deformity? (Photo)

Dilemma between butt implant removal and implant downsizing. 300 butt implants (round, hard silicone, under muscle), August 2014: look nice when... READ MORE

Natural looking gluteal implants?

I do not have enough fat for Brazilian butt lift but do not want it either because it isn't permanent, so I've decided to get butt implants. I've... READ MORE

Anatomic shape for my butt? (photos)

Consulted another surgeon last week and I ask what's my butt measurement,so my butt cheek measures 13 wide,and 14 height...I was told I can get round... READ MORE

Will anatomical implants give a round 'high' butt shape or can round implants only achieve this? (photos)

The anatomical implants have less projection at the top so I does this make the outcome flatter at the top? I want to achieve a round bum that sits... READ MORE

What size and shape?

I am 164cm and 52kilo and want to have a high buttocks but don't know what size and shape to chose. I can chose between 300 cc implants round or 480cc... READ MORE

Is it normal for the incision for my buttock implants to get sore occasionally? 5 years post-op 2nd butt implant surgery.

It is in the sacrum and gets sore sometimes after showering or accidentally rubbing it. Anything I can do about it? The 2nd surgery was to... READ MORE

Intramuscular Implants. This surgeon uses the anatomical implants only. Any suggestions?

What is maximum, size for Intramuscular implants? Best price surgeon bard certified in the uK? wnat double crease incision as it looks better can any... READ MORE

What would be recovery time after butt implant for those who are heavy smokers?

I am 5.5" and 100 lbs. I am heavy smoker (30 cigarettes a day)No problems on my recovery other than it took 1 more week for the stitches to heal but... READ MORE

Are there any Board certified surgeons in Europe that you can recommend? As London doesn't seem to have any as such?

Some surgeons use drains and others don't? i heard prolonged drainage is the safest method is that TRUE? pros and cons please? I've been recommended... READ MORE

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