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I'm 5'8 and 130 lbs. What size implant would you recommend for a Butt Implant? (photos)

I am looking to get a BIG ASS LBDAS something like nicki minaj, coco (ice t wife) yaris sanchez etc. I am 5 8 and weight 13O. I have minimium fat... READ MORE

​I'm 21 yrs old male. What would you recommend; Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants? (photo)

I'm 21 years old and I've always wanted a bigger, nicer bottom but I've been skeptical because of all the risk's and scars that you get. I'm about 180... READ MORE

What size butt implants would I need? 5'8 120lbs (Photo)

What size butt implants would I need to get a look similar to the wish pic? & what size would you recommend for my size in general? I'm almost 5'8... READ MORE

How do you determine implant size in tall women with broad shoulders? (Photo)

Hello. I am 34 years old mother of two seeking an augmentation. I am 5' 11" and 145 pounds and have received various recommendations for implant size... READ MORE

I'm Wondering if Butt Implants Are Good? (photo)

I'm 5'9, 110 pounds and I already have a nice round butt but I want to feel comfortable in form fitting dresses and have it be noticed in yoga pants.... READ MORE

Butt implants African American female 34 168 pounds 5'9?

I am interested in butt implants as well as a lift. If I only wanted butt implants with nothing else is it possible. If so, how much would it be? READ MORE

Which butt implant manufacturer would you suggest, Implantech, Spectrum, or AART? (Photo)

Butt dimensions were measured already by a professional on a consult which was 13x19....I have no desire for an oval implant only round so which would... READ MORE

How Big Do Buttock Implants Go?

Hi I'd like to know what the largest size (cc) buttock implants go? anywhere in the world for that matter. I'm quite tall at 5'10 and I already have... READ MORE

Flat butt after Butt Implants, what should I do?

I am 5'11" and weighed 137lbs before my buttox surgery three days ago. I still feel my butt look flat. What are my options? He used round smooth... READ MORE

I Am a 43 Year Old Female. 6 Years Ago I Had Buttock Imp in London. Left with a Baboons Bum?

I am in good shape but had a flat bum. I am 5.11 tall and sporty. Not only does my bum look very unnatural. I look as if i have two balls sat just... READ MORE

Bodybuilder Male Looking for Doctor Who has Experience with Large Butt Implants in Males

I am a 6', 240 lb. bodybuilder who has always wanted massive glutes. I have looked on many doctors' websites who specialize in this procedure and have... READ MORE

What Butt Implant Would You Recommend? Please Any Feedback Much Appreciated.

I am a female, 20 years old, 145 pounds, 6 foot, slim and big chested E cup. I have a medium sized round butt currently. What butt implant would look... READ MORE

Is a gluteal lift with 250cc butt implants enough to make a difference?

5'8" 123lbs.... No fat to transfer so the lift will help and what about the 250 cc implant. Is that big enough to make a difference. He says so... READ MORE

Butt implants on a very skinny tall girl. Will it look unnatural no matter what I do? (Photo)

Ive always dreamed of a heart shape waist. nothing to big but just something to give me a curvy figure in clothes, my only concern is im afraid with... READ MORE

Male wanting gluteal implants. I don't want it to look fake, protrude when bending over/feeling easily palpable by lover (Photo)

I am a male 5'10 190lbs considering getting butt augmentation, I would like a BBL but was told I did not have enough fat. now I am considering gluteal... READ MORE

What size implants would you recommend? (photos)

Today i had my consult with my ps. He said he would only use round and didnt want to use small to med implants i am 5'9 weight 126 lbs i cant do bbl... READ MORE

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