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Do butt implants drop like breast implants do? (photo)

Hello I am 10 days post op (buttock implants) I have 310CC Im ok with the size BUT is it just swelling if so will my butt become smaller after Im... READ MORE

Butt implant revision? Are they too high?

Left implant seems under the fascia and right under more muscle then the left the right moves heaps and kind of hurts I think he placed them to high I... READ MORE

I'm 24 yr old male in shape. Which Butt Implants would you recommend; Sientra round ? 340 cc or 440cc? (photos)

Im booked to get implants next month , has anyone used the round Sientra smooth implants.. were you happy with the result? do you think it would... READ MORE

1 year post op of Butt Implants. My left butt cheek has a dent from a cortisone shot. Is this normal? (photos)

300 cc ,round semi-solid silicon, below the muscle. What did my Dr. do wrong? I have had these for a year in November. My left butt cheek has a dent... READ MORE

High buttock implants, will they settle to look fully round or stay like that? (photos)

Hi, It's been 4 days since I got my implants they are 300cc round intramuscular. Will they settle to look fully round or stay like that? I love the... READ MORE

When will my butt implants soften up?

I had 300cc butt implants made by spectrum put in a week ago but it still feels very hard. At what point should they soften up completely? Thanks READ MORE

6 weeks post-op - one side healing faster than the other? (photo)

I had round implants (~300cc) placed underneath my gluteus six weeks ago. I suppose they are healing well but the right side is healing much faster -... READ MORE

Amount of CC Needed for Full B/Small C?

My PS and I have been talking about 286cc or 304cc, he wants me to go with 304 cc, but I am worried that I may not look natural. I don't want... READ MORE

300cc round butt implants. What can be done? Over 3 months and one is smaller higher and other looks flat and sags. (photo)

They r just in the fascia. There was only one incision for both implants on my crack and now my crack is uneven... Crack is to right some . Thong... READ MORE

Can you get butt implants smaller than 200cc? Are anatomical implants likely to shift and cause deformity? (Photo)

Dilemma between butt implant removal and implant downsizing. 300 butt implants (round, hard silicone, under muscle), August 2014: look nice when... READ MORE

6 weeks post-op butt implants. 340 intramuscular. Right side still in pain and now it's shaped different (Photo)

So I've been complaining about having "muscle spasms" / "Nerve Pain" or whatever they may be.... And now I can see one of my cheeks isn't shaped the... READ MORE

Natural looking gluteal implants?

I do not have enough fat for Brazilian butt lift but do not want it either because it isn't permanent, so I've decided to get butt implants. I've... READ MORE

Which size should I get? (Photo)

Hello im japanese and im thinking about getting butt implant. im 162cm/55kg my doctor suggest me 265cc round(next size is 340cc) im paying lots of... READ MORE

Butt implant replacement after 1 year. Is it possible to have that corrected and go bigger at the same time?

I got gluteal implants a yr ago. 1 sits slightly higher then the other. Is it possible to have that corrected and go bigger at the same time. 300 cc... READ MORE

Is there a higher risk of infection due to fat leaking into implant pocket during surgery?

Hello doctors, first off thank you for answering all of our questions. I had butt augumentation with implants (300cc) within the muscle. Also i had... READ MORE

Anatomic shape for my butt? (photos)

Consulted another surgeon last week and I ask what's my butt measurement,so my butt cheek measures 13 wide,and 14 height...I was told I can get round... READ MORE

I had lipo with butt implants a month ago. They are too small after the swelling has gone down. What can I do?

I loved the way they looked after size 340 but I thought it would stay that size. Apparently it was still swollen now that went down and I think there... READ MORE

Buttock Implants 52 days post pp - how is it supposed to feel?

Hello doctors, i had 300cc round implants placed within the muscle. I dont have any pain. But my right buttock still feels like i got something... READ MORE

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