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Asymmetrical Buttock Implants. How Can It Be Corrected?

I had a buttock augmentation, implants to be precise, done about three months ago. I'm pretty much healed, but have noticed slight asymmetry between... READ MORE

Why All This Pain and Drainage After Having Butt Implants?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 and they're placed on top of the muscle but my dr said that he placed thm under the muscle but i can clearly feel... READ MORE

Can my butt implants improve in their own or will I need a revision? (Photo)

I am 3 months after my butt implants, I was looking just for a little shape, nothing big, just perkier... Dr put 400 high profile implants and some... READ MORE

Why All This Pain?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 and im in some much pain at times i wanna cry.the pain is in the left cheek and goes up to my lower back and my... READ MORE

Burning sharp pain on incision butt implants. (photo)

Is been 3 months I had my butt implants sugery under muscle, I never experienced any pain was very easy recovery, I am 80% organic and I take good... READ MORE

Why are my implants pointy and visible? I have indentations and slight pain (Photo)

I have pointy looking implants, and indentations under my butt and thighs which is very visible along with my implants are visible. 3 months... READ MORE

Do butt implants drop? (Photos)

It has been 3 months since my butt implants. My butt looks worse. The LITTLE implants are visible at the top, my butt is square, oddly shaped and flat... READ MORE

My right butt implant is showing through the insicion, I have no infection. Can they be removed and have new 1s in same op?

I am on antibiotics and the incision is perfectly clean however the implant has decided to move and show, it is being dressed daily. Please advice... READ MORE

Is it possible to reposition the implants ? Could I have a better result with fat transfer? (photo)

Hi, I posted pictures of my gluteal implants ( implants 230cc) , with the results after 3 months. As you can see, when I am standing, the result is... READ MORE

Excruciating pain 3 months post op silicone butt implants. Help please. (Photo)

Started hurting 1 month ago 3 months I cant lay, sit, touch the implant/around it hurts so much. Leg/ hip hurt. Have left abdomen glan swollen (on... READ MORE

Butt implants remove and replace

I had butt implants in December 2015 and I loved the size and shape at first. Now 3 months later I am back to my normal size. The implants do not make... READ MORE

Will butt implants drop/soften and will the outline go away? (Photo)

I'm 3 months out and they're a tad hard nothing to crazy. I'm just worried about whenever I bend over. You can definitely see them. Will the outline... READ MORE

Implants not correct? Edges showing, what is wrong? How can I fix this?

I took 375 cc biconvex implants inside the muscle along with fat grafting 3,5 months ago with my doctor. As you can see the edges are quite... READ MORE

From London, I'm 3 months post op with a third of the incision open, in the last 2 days the implant has started to stick out

It is now sticking out at about 1cm, the nurse puts it back in and then packs it and dresses it. They used 400cc breast implants (which i now know is... READ MORE

What would be the treatment for pilonidal sinus/cyst after butt implant surgery?

I have had pilonidal cyst since past few years, it used to drain out pus and blood every few weeks. After my butt implant surgery 3 months back now... READ MORE

My intramuscular buttocks implants 11 weeks post surgery keeps moving out of place. What's the cause for this to happen? (Photo)

I had intramuscular implants done 11 weeks ago and I had a few complications with healing I was leaking bloody water from the incision where now my... READ MORE

Can working out and building muscle hide implants line on thin patient? (Photo)

I had intramuscular butt implants placed 3 months ago. The implant line is visible. Will doing leg and butt workouts (building muscle) help hid that... READ MORE

Can anything be done to fix my implants? (Photo)

I had my surgery 6/17 .. It looked good for 3 weeks & then this .... It was filled with fluid so they drained it but now it's healed & looks... READ MORE

Should I re-do butt implant surgery for an upsize 650cc within 3 month?

I am 3 month post butt implant surgery. Recovery has been no problem. The size was 460 cc. I would like to consider increasing the size to 650 cc. How... READ MORE

I got butt implants 3 months back. What would be the treatment for pilonidal sinus/cyst? Please advise.

I have had pilonidal cyst since past few years, it used to drain out pus and blood every few weeks. After my butt implant surgery 3 months back, the... READ MORE

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