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Is a 275cc Butt Implant Too Big?

Im 31 yrs old and recently got a consultaion for a butt implant. Im 5'4, 115 lbs, workout 5 days a week-toned body type, small frame.I have booty... READ MORE

250ccs Butt Implants Worth It?

I went to 3 plastic surgeons, I was told I do not have enough fat for the fat transfer. I now want implants done. My plastic surgeon, says she most... READ MORE

How Many Ccs Can I Get for Butt Implants? (photo)

Surgery date is on aug.28th 2013.I went to a few of drs.I've been told I dont have enough for BBL.I decided to go with butt implants.My PS says I... READ MORE

Is this normal for the first day of butt implants, a dent in the middle? (photo)

It is my first day and this is what my butt looks like. Is this normal? There is a dent in the middle of my right butt cheek. The left cheek look... READ MORE

How long does it take for a gluteal dehiscence to close? (photo)

S/P gluteal implant 250 cc round silicone. I'm a Healthy female with no medical problems.On Post op day 10. I had a wound dehiscence of the right... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of butt implant placement? Intramuscular or under the muscle?

I just had my consult last week about butt implants but he does them under the muscle. I am a lil concerned since I've been reading that intramuscular... READ MORE

250cc 275cc Silimed cohesive butt implants intramuscular. Surgery in 2 weeks. 2nd opinions. 5'6", 130 pounds (Photo)

I'm 5'6.5 130 pounds & toned,athletic build. I have an ok amount of booty, but I'm lacking volume in the middle/top to produce a nice curve. I also... READ MORE

Is a gluteal lift with 250cc butt implants enough to make a difference?

5'8" 123lbs.... No fat to transfer so the lift will help and what about the 250 cc implant. Is that big enough to make a difference. He says so... READ MORE

Is Butt implants round 250 cc small for me?

I'm getting my implants in Europe(i cant go tu USA for some reasons).My doctor told me that the biggest size for round implants is 300 cc.I decide to... READ MORE

Which size should I get? (Photo)

Hello im japanese and im thinking about getting butt implant. im 162cm/55kg my doctor suggest me 265cc round(next size is 340cc) im paying lots of... READ MORE

Why are my butt implants asymmetrical?

I had buttock implants done last me about a year ago. 250ccs. Ihave a very small frame. My left cheek, the implant looks high and it's towards the too... READ MORE

Is 260 cc butt implant too small?

I am 25 years old and recently got a consultation for a butt implant. Im 5'2, 98 lbs i have a really small frame. I would like a little bit more than... READ MORE

Will my butt be saggy after removing butt implants ?

I had 250cc butt implants put in within the muscle about 2 years ago. It looks great but I don't like how fake it feels. What are the chances my butt... READ MORE

Need some advice. Received butt implants 3 years ago. Doctor in Colombia (Photo)

I would like to know if can be corrected with a different implant/ location or maybe have implants removed. Doctor and medical card says they did it... READ MORE

What is the difference between 275cc and 335cc butt implants?

What is the difference between 275cc 335cc butt implants ? My doctor suggested me 275cc but I want it bigger and he said 325cc is the biggest he'll do.. READ MORE

I weigh 90 lbs and a bbl was unsuccessful. Are butt implants a good choice for me?

Weigh 90 lbs and had a bbl jan 2014 and hat 430cc's transfered to each buttock. a year later i have very little to no retention of the fat transferred... READ MORE

What size butt implants can a 93 lb woman have?

Bbl was unsuccessful for me a year ago and i would like to have butt implants with 275 to 375cc implants. Do you think this is possible?... without... READ MORE

I'm 5"7 and 115 lbs. How many cc for butt implants?

I went for a consult with a board certified PS. He said only 250-275 round cc silicone implants could fit. I'm a little unhappy with that answer bc I... READ MORE

Butt implant removing after 2 years? (photos)

Hello, I had surgeon 2 years ago and everything went well, but recently I'm thinking about removing it. Mainly because it's uncomfortable, butt is... READ MORE

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