1 Week Post-op + Butt Implants

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Are my butt implants sitting too high? (photos)

I had implants done 6 days ago. They are intramuscular 400cc round. I know it is extremely early and my results will change. My dr. Is awesome too, he... READ MORE

Does this buttocks implant look right? (photo)

I had surgery the 31st of July it's been 4 days 5 counting day of surgery and I feel one implants is bigger and higher than the other. I understand... READ MORE

How soon can I drive after Butt Implants? How soon can I exercise?

I'm one week post op. Butt implants above the muscle. I'm 22 & healthy. How soon can I drive with blankets under me to cushion? How soon can I ride my... READ MORE

Consistent pain all over buttocks and leg after seroma drainage. Should I get any tests done?

It's been 7 days since seroma was drained through incision and this pain will not go away. I only feel some relief when laying down steady after... READ MORE

How much shrinkage and when does it stop after the butt implants? (Photo)

I am 9 days post-op my Buttock implants, I was 38-1/2" few days after the procedure, after 7 days I lost 1-1/2 "....how much more shrinkage should I... READ MORE

When will my butt implants soften up?

I had 300cc butt implants made by spectrum put in a week ago but it still feels very hard. At what point should they soften up completely? Thanks READ MORE

Is it too late to transfer fat to the butt if I have butt implant to make the implant less noticeable? (photos)

Had my implant for 6 days and you can clearly see it and it's 400 cc round behind the muscle READ MORE

What are the chances of developing seroma with butt implants?

Hello, I just recently had butt implants by a certified doctor with lots of experience is the U.S. I have been taking good care of my incisions,... READ MORE

1 week post op Butt Implant, I feel burning and tingling and numbness on my right leg. Is this normal?

I feel burning and tinggling and numbness on my right leg till on my toes i have the burning feeling on my right side cheek of my butt all the down to... READ MORE

I am very upset with the huge look! WHat percentage is due to the swelling? (photos)

9days post op still so big, it did not change since I checked my butt after the surgery in the hospital. I had INSPIRA TRF 415cc per cheek...is this... READ MORE

Butt implants, oval, intramuscular, 375 cc. Please help. Infection in incision? (Photo)

Dear Docs. I am 9 days PO. (Butt implants) I live In Denmark and My surgeon is from Turkey, wich makes a visit quite difficult. My surgeon tells me to... READ MORE

Will implant settle in? (photos)

I am 6 days post op and butt implant is pretty high up will the implant settle like boob implant and look more natural or will it continue to look... READ MORE

A Little Red my Left Butt After Butt Implants, What Can I Do? I Had my Surgery Done 7 Days Ago.

I had butt implants 7days ago. Really I change it bigger to 375cc after 3years. In 2009 everything was ok with my implants only I think they were to... READ MORE

Should I still be in this much pain 1 week after buttock implants? Is this anything to be worried about?

Hi, I had buttock implants last Thursday so I'm just over a week post op now. I felt ok a couple of days after the op, walking about fine etc. But... READ MORE

I have sharp pain on one side 1 week post butt implants. Any suggestions?

1 week post op I have same sharp pain and I am very worried to what this could be I only lie down on one side which is pressure to opposite cheek that... READ MORE

Implant obvious in 1 side & still small butt that should start from a higher point.will look better after healing? (photo)

Im very sad! Op 8 days ago.Was no space under the muscle to have 360cc as decided so dr placed 300cc gluteal smooth implats over the muscle. I... READ MORE

Seroma/infection. Do I have a high chance of seroma setting in?

I have had butt implants 9 days ago. Yesterday being day 8, I had my drains removed. I'm really nervous that Seroma will form. I'm tired of laying... READ MORE

What is missing in my buttocks to look good? (photos)

Hello I have a week that I had surgery Buttock but I'm very concerned that my gluteus not my doctor well look I put 400cc round I measure 5.5 and... READ MORE

Should I be worried about bruising lower butt cheek?

I am one week post op and I am getting bruising on my lower butt cheek and it is painful do you think it it from the settling of the implant ??? READ MORE

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