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How soon can I drive after Butt Implants? How soon can I exercise?

I'm one week post op. Butt implants above the muscle. I'm 22 & healthy. How soon can I drive with blankets under me to cushion? How soon can I ride my... READ MORE

Are my butt implants sitting too high? (photos)

I had implants done 6 days ago. They are intramuscular 400cc round. I know it is extremely early and my results will change. My dr. Is awesome too, he... READ MORE

Does this buttocks implant look right? (photo)

I had surgery the 31st of July it's been 4 days 5 counting day of surgery and I feel one implants is bigger and higher than the other. I understand... READ MORE

When will my butt implants soften up?

I had 300cc butt implants made by spectrum put in a week ago but it still feels very hard. At what point should they soften up completely? Thanks READ MORE

Consistent pain all over buttocks and leg after seroma drainage. Should I get any tests done?

It's been 7 days since seroma was drained through incision and this pain will not go away. I only feel some relief when laying down steady after... READ MORE

How much shrinkage and when does it stop after the butt implants? (Photo)

I am 9 days post-op my Buttock implants, I was 38-1/2" few days after the procedure, after 7 days I lost 1-1/2 "....how much more shrinkage should I... READ MORE

I am very upset with the huge look! WHat percentage is due to the swelling? (photos)

9days post op still so big, it did not change since I checked my butt after the surgery in the hospital. I had INSPIRA TRF 415cc per cheek...is this... READ MORE

1 week post op Butt Implant, I feel burning and tingling and numbness on my right leg. Is this normal?

I feel burning and tinggling and numbness on my right leg till on my toes i have the burning feeling on my right side cheek of my butt all the down to... READ MORE

Is it too late to transfer fat to the butt if I have butt implant to make the implant less noticeable? (photos)

Had my implant for 6 days and you can clearly see it and it's 400 cc round behind the muscle READ MORE

I am a week post op. How long does it take for Butt Implants to drop? (photos)

I'm a week post op-What exactly is the drop and fluffing process and timeframe? What are signs it is occurring? READ MORE

What are the chances of developing seroma with butt implants?

Hello, I just recently had butt implants by a certified doctor with lots of experience is the U.S. I have been taking good care of my incisions,... READ MORE

Butt implants, oval, intramuscular, 375 cc. Please help. Infection in incision? (Photo)

Dear Docs. I am 9 days PO. (Butt implants) I live In Denmark and My surgeon is from Turkey, wich makes a visit quite difficult. My surgeon tells me to... READ MORE

Will implant settle in? (photos)

I am 6 days post op and butt implant is pretty high up will the implant settle like boob implant and look more natural or will it continue to look... READ MORE

A Little Red my Left Butt After Butt Implants, What Can I Do? I Had my Surgery Done 7 Days Ago.

I had butt implants 7days ago. Really I change it bigger to 375cc after 3years. In 2009 everything was ok with my implants only I think they were to... READ MORE

Should I still be in this much pain 1 week after buttock implants? Is this anything to be worried about?

Hi, I had buttock implants last Thursday so I'm just over a week post op now. I felt ok a couple of days after the op, walking about fine etc. But... READ MORE

What is missing in my buttocks to look good? (photos)

Hello I have a week that I had surgery Buttock but I'm very concerned that my gluteus not my doctor well look I put 400cc round I measure 5.5 and... READ MORE

I have sharp pain on one side 1 week post butt implants. Any suggestions?

1 week post op I have same sharp pain and I am very worried to what this could be I only lie down on one side which is pressure to opposite cheek that... READ MORE

Implant obvious in 1 side & still small butt that should start from a higher point.will look better after healing? (photo)

Im very sad! Op 8 days ago.Was no space under the muscle to have 360cc as decided so dr placed 300cc gluteal smooth implats over the muscle. I... READ MORE

Fresh butt implants and driving? BBL pillow or booty mate acceptable to drive on day 5?

I need to know if there are measures whereby I can modify/ safely drive post butt implant surgery around day 5? READ MORE

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