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When Will Butt Implants Soften?

Hello, I would like to know when my butt implants will soften? I had them done 4 weeks 500cc under the muscle. And also does the muscle need time to... READ MORE

Butt Implants With No Drainage Tubes-What Did my Doctor Do Wrong and What Could the Complications Be?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 & 1 wk after surgery my wound split WIDE OPEN.I later foundout tht my surgeon shouldve placed a drainage tube... READ MORE

Could I Get Fat Transfer After Getting Done Butt Implants? (photo)

I gott 300ccs butt implants Im not happy with the results because they look round on top but small at the bottom. Is it possibble to get fat grafting... READ MORE

Wound Dehiscence After Gleuteal Implants, What Should I Do? (photo)

I am recovery from gleuteal implants my incision did not tolerate the plane ride home and started to have small drainage. The ps told me to remove the... READ MORE

The bottom of my bum feels heavy. Is this normal? (Photo)

The bottom of my bum feels heavy I'll be 4 weeks post 600cc round under the muscle. They have dropped alot just wondering if this is normal and if I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Buttock Implants to Fluff After Getting a Capsulectomy and Immediately Replace? (photo)

How long does it take for an buttock implant to form after a capsulectomy with an immediate replacement . And how long will it take the capsule to... READ MORE

Why Does my Buttock Implant Still Look As Flat a Board? (photo)

Hi I'm Nichelle. I recently had a buttock implant revisement on July 3 because the previous implants of 3 years was out in top of the muscle and I had... READ MORE

What to Do If Dehiscence Happens post op Butt Implants?

What to Do If Dehiscence Happens? I am 4 weeks post op and My wound has a gap between the two sides, I can see a very small “hole” in my incision. Wha... READ MORE

Butt Implant Surgery

Ive done butt implant surgery 6 weeks ago,my wound is still open ,about 6cm and have 5mm deep,i clean and dressing them twice a day ,how long does it... READ MORE

Chance these implants will ever look more natural as the muscle stretches, or do these need to be removed? (Photo)

I had implants a month ago(200 cc intramuscular cohesive gel anatomic).They are Very visible all the way around. I am 111 Ib. Am I too thin too hide... READ MORE

How soon Butt Implants can be removed after surgery?

I had butt implants 4 weeks ago, everyday that goes by I dislike them more and more, I find them really big, and the implant was not place in the... READ MORE

How can I minimize scar tissue after butt implants?

I had buttock implants 4 weeks ago intramuscular, and I want to minimize and or prevent scar tissue that will cause issues with capsular scar tissue.... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel pain 1 month post-op butt implants?

I got round buttock implants on January 31 2014 so its been a month and 3 days but I still feel a little bit of pain around the implants is that... READ MORE

I had butt implants a month ago. My stitches have opened up. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi:-) i had buttimplants 28.07.15 today i saw that sutures opened up a little with bleeding.. what can i do? please tell me before i get infection... READ MORE

I went out. I am 5 weeks post op and decided to shake my butt. Can butt implant pop out of pocket? (Photo)

Feels tight on one side. Like one side may be shifting a little. Implants in between the muscle. 400cc round implant. 5 weeks post op ) READ MORE

Butt Implants, open wound! (Photo)

I got my surgery done 4 weeks ago and I just realized I had a open wound like 5 days ago I'm taking antibiotics and He told me to do irrigation I'm... READ MORE

Will the capsule or scar tissue that was left behind by removal of butt implants over the muscle ever heal? (Photo)

Had removal of butt implants from above the muscle 4 weeks ago. Capsule was not removed, no history of any hemotoma. Currently had implants placed... READ MORE

Please give me reassurance..... will my 2nd time around getting my butt redone be ok? (photo)

Butt implants redone 1 mnth ago. My ps placed same implants under which were over the muscle. During the process he took fat from my back to add more.... READ MORE

1 month post op Butt implant, the implant is not similar there's one up and one down. Any suggestions? (photos)

My dr told me to massage the higher implant down every day to go down like the other one actualy he put 4 implant cause I asked him to make curve to... READ MORE

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