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I'm 5ft, 100lbs Petite Girl. I Wanted Large Butt Implants? (photo)

When I Got out of Surgery my Butt Was So Round and Bubbly.then It Looked swollenaround my 14day postop I've noticed my left implant looked... READ MORE

Butt Implants for Very Small Frame?

I am 32 years old and weight 95 pounds 5'3. I am considering butt implants not a candidate for the BBL. I can never gain weight and wanted a nice butt... READ MORE

Hi, Can a Very Skinny Patient Get Butt Inplants? (photo)

I'm 5' 95lbs and if  So What Size Would You Recommend?  First photo is the look I want what would that look be called ? How much would it... READ MORE

Alternative to Buttock Implants?

I am really thin (5'7" 108lbs) I have no body fat anywhere on my body. I would like to get buttock fat injections before I've read that... READ MORE

Are 290CC Butt Implants Enough for Small-framed Woman?

I am considering having Buttock implants. I am a very small framed woman 5'3" 108lb. I want my results to be noticeable in my clothing but... READ MORE

Price quote for butt implants? Not Brazilian Butt Lift. (photo)

I have no fat to transfer I'm 4"11& last time I checked I weighed around 100pds I'm 21. I live in California I just wanted a price quote. I'm not... READ MORE

Can I achieve the looks of my wish pic? Will 200cc implants really make a difference on me? (photo)

By the looks of my butt does it look like I can achieve wish pic?And what size would you guess her implants are? I was told by (picture view) the... READ MORE

How Can I Tell What but Implants Are Right for Me?

I am 18 year old female i weigh 100lbs and i am 5"1 i have a small butt. My butt does have a lot of fat its not saggy but its jiggly from all the fat... READ MORE

Can I Dance with Butt Implants?

I am a dancer and trying to get my BFA in dancing so I can teach. I do ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop.. I've been really considering butt... READ MORE

Is Butt Implants the Best Option for Getting the Bigger Butt I Desire? (photo)

I am 5'5 and 100 lbs. I always have been thin even after having 3 kids the fat melts off of me. So i dont think a fat transfer is possible nor do i... READ MORE

Wanting to get butt implants, what is the cost, surgery method, and size that would look perfect for me? (photos)

I am 22yo, about 5'3 and 96lbs. Considering to get butt implants since exercising & squats doesn't work for me and isn't enough to get full look. I... READ MORE

I'm 90 pounds and my height is 5'6. Can a thin girl have a butt?

I'm 90 pounds and my height is 5.6" my parents are both tall my mom doesn't have a butt and I can't gain weight I wear a 000 zero in jeans and I eat a... READ MORE

Is 500 cc butt implant a good fit at only 100 pounds? (photo)

Im 4'9 and weight about 100 pounds is 500 cc butt implant a good fit for me are not? My doctor says its good but i dont know im a very small woman. READ MORE

Would 450cc butt implant be too big for a petite frame? (Photo)

I am planing to get butt implant with 450cc. I am kind of flat. I'm just curious if 450cc would be the right choice for a petite frame like me. I'm... READ MORE

Can buttock implants help improve the shape of the butt and hips? (Photo)

I've looked at many before and after pictures of butt implants and I've noticed that the effect they give only improve the projection of the derriere... READ MORE

Looking for doctors in LA or OC area who specialize in doing butt implants? (photo)

Hi everyone, Ok so I'm getting surgery in late January early February my husband is buying himself a new gift ha ha well me too! So I need some help... READ MORE

I'm 49 yrs old and 100 lbs. Can I still get butt implant even if I'm small? (photos)

Iam 49 weight about 110 can i still get butt implant even if im small and which size implant would be right for me without causing problems READ MORE

Is 260 cc butt implant too small?

I am 25 years old and recently got a consultation for a butt implant. Im 5'2, 98 lbs i have a really small frame. I would like a little bit more than... READ MORE

Good Buttock Implants?

Hello! I am a 19 yr old healthy Caucasian female. 5"2 and 109 lbs. Im looking to have butt implants (not enough fat for grafting). Im in the music... READ MORE

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