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Collagen Injections for Hips and Butt Augmentation?

She's has friends that say they have been treated by a doctor with a series of collagen injections. I can't find anything about this procedure on the... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove silicone butt injections? (photo)

Dear Doctor,I am Marci. I have been suffering these 2 years. 4 years ago I have injected oil silicone in buttock by not real doctors by thinking to... READ MORE

Are silicone butt injections safe and how does it work?

I want to add volume to my butt tucks. I been interested in a bbl but i been ready alot of reviews on fat transfer. Most are not successful READ MORE

I Had Silicone Injections About 2 Months Ago and Now I Have Discoloration Around my Buttocks. What To Do?

You can see a print around the area where the silicone was inejected it is a little darker than my brwon skin. its like a tint of color.its like my... READ MORE

4 years ago I had Silicone Granuloma injected into my buttocks. I need help removing it because of bad side effects. (photos)

I am Marci. 4 years ago I have injected oil silicone In buttock.I been told they injecting collagen instead of the material they used.After 1 year I... READ MORE

Safe Alternative for Buttock Filler?

Everyone is saying that PMMA (Polymethylmetacrylate) is not safe but what other alternative is there for someone who does not have much body fat and... READ MORE

I Have Silicon Butt Injections and Now I'm Scared to Let Doctor Inject Medicine into my Butt? (photo)

I have had the butt injections for 7 years and am now realizing the danger of what I did. I havent had any complications yet and pray that I don't. I... READ MORE

Can Free Silicone Oil Be Removed From The Butt?

Dr. Eppley Pls Read. U Answered a Previous Question of Mine. Looking to Follow Up. Im not sure If dr eppley will come back but from reading your... READ MORE

How would someone know if they have a injection from butt injections?

How would someone know if they have a injection from butt injections? I have had silicon injection, well suppose to be sillicon and i want to know if... READ MORE

What are some symptoms & options if you are having a bad reaction to silicone injections? (photos)

I had silicone injections to my buttocks a year ago.for the past few months I've ben getting pains in my legs,numbness in my feet,headaches,& extreme... READ MORE

Can Silicone Butt Injections cause severe back pain and infection in the spine?

I have been experiencing pain in the back and in the spine. I am scared that an infection has spread from the butt injections. Can this cause a... READ MORE

Free Silicon/Gel Injections into Butt or Any Skin on the Other Body Part, Leads to More Risks Than Scare or So?

Will they lead to cancer? As I had seen answers to leave them at best as long as it can be, but I would like to know, leaving at that will cause any... READ MORE

Can silicone butt injections be removed?

I have silicone butt injections and i about 10cc in each cheek and i wanted to know is it possible to have that removed and replaced with liposuction... READ MORE

After silicone removal from buttocks, how long is the recovery process?

I recently has silicone removal from the buttocks 7 days ago surgery was 5 1/2 hours long and I still feel weak I just started sweating at night I... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Butt Injections Removed?

I had butt injections about 3 years ago with silicone I believe and as of a month ago, I have developed pain in the sciatic nerve. If you feel my... READ MORE

I want to get my silicone butt injections removed. Which doctors do it in the NYC area?

I want to get my silicone butt injections removed. Im scared now after all ive been hearing. Is it expensive? Which doctors do it in the NYC area? READ MORE

20 years ago I had illegal industrial grade silicone injections. Upper butt region injected. What can be done about this now?

I am worried about this material traveling through out my body and surfing the internet has scared me to death..Anything I can do or advice as to what... READ MORE

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