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Long-Term Complications and Risks of Silicone Butt Implants?

I am 5'2" 110 lbs. (small frame) and my doctor suggests fat transfer over silicone implants. He is afraid of scarring, thinning of butt... READ MORE

How did Kylie Jenner enhance her hips and bum? (photos)

You can clearly see that her butt & definitley her hips have been enhanced. I want to know through what methods is this achieved? I know theres... READ MORE

"Centerline buttock lift" that hides the scars inside the vertical butt crease- is it suitable and why is it uncommon?

My question is about which method of lower body lift or buttock lift is best: After massive weightless I am left with with loose skin and ripples... READ MORE

Sagging butt. Can I get a butt lift but NOT the Brazilian type?

No matter how hard I work out and tone up my muscles, my butt is flaccid, sagging. It makes my legs look shorter. I want to have a butt lift. What... READ MORE

500cc buttock injections

Okay this is a simple question, I had 500cc's all together, 250cc injected on each butt cheek. Is that a lot? If I wanted to get it removed (which I... READ MORE

Low butt crease! How do I fix it? (photo)

So I have a naturally very low lying butt crease, I'm trying times of exercises to get rid of it but nothing works period I had a small amount of fat... READ MORE

I have a 14-inch incision scar from my right hip all the way into my buttock crease. Can this be corrected?

I have had several surgeries in this area due to a birthmark removal on my right hip (I had tissue expanders, etc.) The surgeon cut way too far (the... READ MORE

Could this prevent me from finding a doctor that will give me a butt auggmentation?

I have been in remission from hidradenitis suppurativa for a year with the help of antibiotics and change of diet. I still have the scares, but no bumps. READ MORE

Saggy butt, is a fat transfer enough or is a lift required? (Photos)

Lost 94lb d/t VSG, 25 days since TT+BL. My VSG scars hypertrophied quickly, my PS says the scars will heal good with proper care (silicone sheets,... READ MORE

How to improve my buttocks? I had multiple surgeries when I was young because of a burning accident. (Photo)

At the time my doctors concerns if I was able to grow properly. Now as im older Im 28 I want to fix the aesthetic part I realize my scars might not be... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Buttock augmentation, am I allowed to have a 10mins sun bed twice a week covering the scar?

Ive had buttock augmentation (with implants placed intramuscularly) 3 weeks ago with no complications and great results. Am I allowed to have a 10mins... READ MORE

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