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Safe Fat Injections for Butt Augmentation

I am looking to have a bigger butt whats the best way of going about it. Whats the safest way fat injections? READ MORE

Are Butt Shots Safe and Do Plastic Surgeons Give Them?

I have heard of some women getting these butt shots that make their butts bigger.I don't know what is in the shot but i was wondering if it was safe? READ MORE

Any Safe Temporary Fillers for the Butt?

Okay, so I am unhappy with not the size of my rear end, but with the saggy/long appearance. I have a little fat on my sides which i could u se for a... READ MORE

Are the Glutimax Creams & the Brand New Booty Pills Safe to Use As a Alternative 4 Butt Augmentation?

There are alot of pills and creams such as the two I mentioned above that different sites offer as a alternative for butt and breast enhancements... READ MORE

Are Fat Butt Injections Safe?

I wouldn't consider Hydrogel or butt implants. I don't want to get liposuction and transfer it to my butt like the Brazilian Butt Lift. Is there a way... READ MORE

Safe dermal filler for buttock augmentation? (photos)

Hi, I would like to know if there is any FDA approved dermal filler that could be use for buttocks augmentation. I had the brazillian butt lift done... READ MORE

Are butt implants safe?

I'd like to undergo butt augmentation but I'm so hesitant. I know that injections aren't FDA approved nor are they safe, that being said injections... READ MORE

Are silicone butt injections safe and how does it work?

I want to add volume to my butt tucks. I been interested in a bbl but i been ready alot of reviews on fat transfer. Most are not successful READ MORE

What is a cortisone shot in the butt?

I have heard Kim k has got her big butt from having a cortisone shot into her bum is this safe to get this done and will I have same results. READ MORE

My right butt cheek is bigger than the other. Any suggestions? (photos)

My right buttcheek is bigger than the other and the bigger one hangs lower. My right leg is thicker than the other. My right leg is one inch shorter... READ MORE

Can Hydrogel Be Used Safely by Certified Professionals?

They say Hydrogel injections for the buttocks are safe. That it's unsafe here because people mix it with stuff or get bad liquid that isn't pure... READ MORE

KY Jelly Butt Injections - Is It Possible?

Hi I'm interested in a bigger booty! I don't have enough fat for a bbl and butt implants around the NY area start at $9,000!! What is the risk of... READ MORE

Is P-FAB Available and Safe for Butt Augmentation?

Any advice or opinions on the viability of Dr. Douglas Hamilton's P-FAB Permanent Filler?  Researching Permanent Filler Augmentation of the... READ MORE

I'm skinny but want butt injections. Is it safer to get your fat injected into your behind?

'm skinny but want butt injections. I see the safest way is to get your fat injected into your behind. Now with me being thin and not really having... READ MORE

Where outside of the US can you get bioplasty done safely by licensed doctors and with safe products? (photos)

Many people, including celebrities, are going to other countries to get bioplasty to the butt using generic fillers similar to those used in the US... READ MORE

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