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Is It Possible to Remove Injectable Butt Augmentation Substance?

Around 2005 i had injections done in my buttocks and then again in 2006. Sad to say on both occasions it was not administered from a doctor. I'm... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rid of Liquid Silicone in my Butt. What and How Can I Do It?

The silicone injections have moved and infected and I want to get rid of it. What will be the procedure?? READ MORE

Is There a Safe Way to Remove Hydrogel in Butt?

What is the safest way to remove hydrogel injected in the buttocks,can it be seen in MRI if it migrated? Are there anyone out there who never had any... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Pain and Lumps Due to Silicone Injections?

I went to Dominican Republic to get these buttocks enhancement injections and this has destroyed my life. I continue to get these painful lumps I have... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove silicone butt injections? (photo)

Dear Doctor,I am Marci. I have been suffering these 2 years. 4 years ago I have injected oil silicone in buttock by not real doctors by thinking to... READ MORE

Buttocks Injections Scar and Assymetry Repair?

40 y/o f had buttocks injections in 2005. Became inflamed and was removed by er drs poking drainage holes leaving major scars and dimples. I would... READ MORE

4 years ago I had Silicone Granuloma injected into my buttocks. I need help removing it because of bad side effects. (photos)

I am Marci. 4 years ago I have injected oil silicone In buttock.I been told they injecting collagen instead of the material they used.After 1 year I... READ MORE

Will a surgeon perform silicone removal of the buttock and reconstruction at the same time?

Im in need of a plastic surgeon who can remove silicone from the buttock and possible reconstruction afterward. how much will this procedure cost me? 20k? READ MORE

I have a hump. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I have had a this hump on my back its part of my butt how can it be remove I want my butt off my back it killing me im tryin to lose weight and I have... READ MORE

I want to remove hydrogel and PMMA. What can I do about this? (Photo)

I had hydrogel and pmma 4 years ago in my buttocks. I just wanted a little more volume. I dont have a large amount in my buttocks. Butt Now I have... READ MORE

I had buttocks injections with pmma and hydrogel. (photos)

Is there any methode to remove this? I have discolouring and you can see like an implant under my skin. Please help me. READ MORE

CAN PMMA be removed from buttocks..and can my butt be saved with out deformation by doing fat transfer or implants?

DR PLz HELP..I MADE A MISTAKE I WENT TO get PMMA into my butt in Mex I kno shouldn't but it was a irrational decision I suffer from depression and I'm... READ MORE

I Need to Have my Injections Removed. Which Type of Doctor Can I See for an MRI?

I had butt injections 3 years ago and as of recently was told that they need to be removed. I am in pain in the sciatic nerve and am lumpy. I was told... READ MORE

Can silicone butt injections be removed?

I have silicone butt injections and i about 10cc in each cheek and i wanted to know is it possible to have that removed and replaced with liposuction... READ MORE

Can you help me find a surgeon who has experience removing PMMA from my glutes and hips?

In 2007 I received PMMA injections for buttock augmentation from a doctor in Mexico. I have 220cc in each cheek. The doctor used Metracrill and New... READ MORE

I want my butt implants removed, but I'm afraid I'll need a butt lift. How can I achieve the best outcome? (Photo)

I have 400 high profile intramuscular , oval implants, 9 months ago., From week 1 I knew they did not match my body, I was looking for shape more than... READ MORE

How to remove PMMA safely?

I have hear so many history I found a Doctor in a Hospital in Colombia , That say they are specialist in remove it, They use 02 technics , One is open... READ MORE

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