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What is the best way to remove silicone butt injections? (photo)

Dear Doctor,I am Marci. I have been suffering these 2 years. 4 years ago I have injected oil silicone in buttock by not real doctors by thinking to... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Pain and Lumps Due to Silicone Injections?

I went to Dominican Republic to get these buttocks enhancement injections and this has destroyed my life. I continue to get these painful lumps I have... READ MORE

Infected Butt After Butt Implants + Fat Transfer from the Back, What Can I Do?

I had it done 8 days ago, I never had that much pain in my life. Got my boobs done one year ago and the implant right dropped, it's nothing... READ MORE

4 years ago I had Silicone Granuloma injected into my buttocks. I need help removing it because of bad side effects. (photos)

I am Marci. 4 years ago I have injected oil silicone In buttock.I been told they injecting collagen instead of the material they used.After 1 year I... READ MORE

Superficial Seroma on a Butt Augmentation Incision? (photo)

I have develop a second seroma on a butt augmentation incision, the first was treated and the incision sutured again, now am back in the US from my... READ MORE

Will I survive my butt injection? (photo)

I recently had my butt injected with biogel im very shamed and I feel horrible for what I have done to my body Ive been to the ER 7 times for symtoms... READ MORE

I Got the Pmma Injections in Buttock Area and I Have Been Getting This Weird Mild Pain in my Outer Thigh Can That Be Related?

I Got the Pmma Injections in Buttock Area and I Have Been Getting This Weird Mild Pain in my Outer Thigh  Can That Be Related? Can antibiotics... READ MORE

Would a Butt Augmentation Help with my Coccyx Pain?

I have so much pain and have a desk job, which makes it worse. I end up sitting awkwardly which has caused my behind to be misshapen and also has... READ MORE

What are some symptoms & options if you are having a bad reaction to silicone injections? (photos)

I had silicone injections to my buttocks a year ago.for the past few months I've ben getting pains in my legs,numbness in my feet,headaches,& extreme... READ MORE

Can Silicone Butt Injections cause severe back pain and infection in the spine?

I have been experiencing pain in the back and in the spine. I am scared that an infection has spread from the butt injections. Can this cause a... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Butt Injections Removed?

I had butt injections about 3 years ago with silicone I believe and as of a month ago, I have developed pain in the sciatic nerve. If you feel my... READ MORE

I have had PMMA butt injections four years ago. I notice red patches and pain under my buttocks. Should I be worried?

I have had PMMA butt injections four years ago and ever since i have noticed some red patches on my hips that comes and goes but its always there.... READ MORE

Can you help me find a surgeon who has experience removing PMMA from my glutes and hips?

In 2007 I received PMMA injections for buttock augmentation from a doctor in Mexico. I have 220cc in each cheek. The doctor used Metracrill and New... READ MORE

Can buttock augmentation surgery impact/cause sciatica pain symptoms?

Ever since my surgery (2014) I have had lower back pain. The pain is inside my buttocks and radiate to my thigh and leg. I never had lower back and... READ MORE

I had butt injections 11months ago. I have numbness in my hands and leg and arm pain.

I have gone to the emergency room several times. They have performed an xray, Ct scan,ultrasound , bloodwork and urine test. They said everything came... READ MORE

Had silicone injections. Years late feel small lumps in butt that sometimes minorally hurt with discoloration. Any suggestions?

I have a transgendered aunt who I trust with my life and vise versa. She's done this procedure thousands of times outside the U.S. and never has had... READ MORE

Do you have to get your buttocks ripped apart in order to treat buttocks injections if you go to the emergency?

Inguinal lymnodes swelling, leg pain, cellulitis in the tissue, blood test and monitoring READ MORE

PMMA Butt injections and pain- CT scan?

I have sharp pain in my right thigh when I raise it ever since I fell on my back and butt a few months ago. Is this the type of pain other patients... READ MORE

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