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Male Butt Augmentation? (photo)

Im a 20 year old male dancer, i would like to enhance my butt by making it larger and fuller. Ive done some research and implants would be my best... READ MORE

Male Butt Injection.... Please Answer?

Im thinking about getting butt injections i hate how my butt looks. its deformed to me some way. i just want something that will pop out and make the... READ MORE

Am I Too Thin for Buttock Augmentation?

I'm a 20 year old male, 5 foot 6 inches tall and weigh about 120 lbs. I've found it very difficult to gain weight all of my life. I want to get my... READ MORE

I'm 23 yr old male, I want to remove all my fat and apply it to my butt. What treatment would you recommend?

I'm a 23 year old man,5"7 and I'm about 180 lbs. I hate my body with a passion, I have a big back, no butt & Big sides. I've done diets and getting a... READ MORE

Buttock augmentation on a 28 year old male via fat transfer? (Photo)

I am a 28 yo male...interested in liposuction/fat transfer to my buttocks if I already have a small amount of liquid silicone that was done about 9... READ MORE

No butt crack. Can he get a procedure to reconstruct a butt crack?

My husband got jeep driver syndrome when he was a teen that never would heel so a dr twisted his butt and added some plastic leaving him having no... READ MORE

BBL, 500CC Silicone injections removal price?

So I had 250cc's of "silicone" injected into each butt cheek almost three years ago. I'm now having minor complications, But, that's Another story. My... READ MORE

I'm an hispanic guy and would like to have a girly butt. Any suggestion?

Im an hispanic guy im 5.7 tall im 200 pounds and i love to have a girly butt how much that will cost READ MORE

Male Butt Reduction? (photo)

Over the years i noticed that i gained a big butt. Like i hate it because as a male it makes me feel feminine..... I'll show a picture of my butt/body... READ MORE

I'm a 75 yr old athletic male 155 lbs, 5' 7". Over the last 15 yrs I've lost 4 inches on my butt, even though I exercise greatly

I am a 75 year old athlete male 155 lbs, 5' 7". Over the last 15 years I have lost 4 inches on my butt, even though I exercise greatly. #1 Is the best... READ MORE

How do I find a reputable and trusted surgeon to discuss butt enhancement procedures for men? (Photo)

I've never had much of a defined butt and I am really considering the possibility of exploring some butt enhancing procedures. I don't want a giant,... READ MORE

Male with a large butt, wanted to get it reduced but received bad news.

I have a large butt that protrudes many inches and no clothing fits me. I'm relatively skinny but this is a huge problem my entire life. I had a... READ MORE

What can be done to achieve these wish pics? (Photo)

Hello doctors , so from my pics and wish pics ... what do you recommend getting to get closer? Noting that I have gotten a previous liposuction they... READ MORE

I want know how to get my butt bigger because I have a very small butt

I'm a boy 27years age I'm Nearly 6fit tall.i have a very small butt.amd for this reason I feel very frustrating life .i very shy to face people.i feel... READ MORE

I don't like my butt & I was thinking of getting male butt injections, how big can I go?

I really hope i can do it with the injections i really dont want to get implants. READ MORE

Even MOM irked by my skinny butt & wrists; squats & wristcurls failed; how can I make my forearms & butt fuller & firmer?

30s eurasian male, landscaper, need to augment my buttocks' & wrists' volume, firmness w/o implants that can rupture. After recently seeing YT vid of... READ MORE

I'm 15 years old boy and I've got a huge butt. Any suggestions?

I was having a huge butt 3 years back cause of eatinga lot of junk and sitting a place continously , i've started workoing i use to do a lot of cardio... READ MORE

How did he get his curves and booty? (photos)

I mean how?? he hasnt even got any body fat and he said its not silicone injections his butt looks perfectly normal and his curvessss omgg *-* do you... READ MORE

Male buttocks reduction; what can I do?

I am 22 year old male with a very unusual buutocks for a male. I have a rather pointing buttocks. When i wear clothes it makes me look like a lady.... READ MORE

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