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Filler for Atrophied Butt Caused Kenalog Injection?

Hi! I have had an atrophy caused by a Kenalog shot in my left buttock. I am very upset and frightened about it. Do you think it will come back on its... READ MORE

Can a Brazillian Butt Lift Help These Lumps in my Butt

Four years ago I recieved butt injections sadly to say it was not administered by a doctor. Is there something i can do to fix this? READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Pain and Lumps Due to Silicone Injections?

I went to Dominican Republic to get these buttocks enhancement injections and this has destroyed my life. I continue to get these painful lumps I have... READ MORE

How to Smooth Lumps in the Buttock After Hydrogel Injections??

I had hydrogel injected into my buttocks about 6 years ago, and while I don't feel anything my butt has become very hard, it is lumpy in the spots... READ MORE

I offered to show a picture of my large lump that seemed to grow only on my left butt cheek? (photo)

I know i already mentioned this on here but i did want to offer a picture of a big lump that started growing 6 years ago (only on my left butt cheek)... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Butt Injections Removed?

I had butt injections about 3 years ago with silicone I believe and as of a month ago, I have developed pain in the sciatic nerve. If you feel my... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to repair a softball sized muscular deformity in my left buttock, as the result of blunt trauma? (Photo)

I had a skiing accident as a child, where I suffered major trauma to my left buttock. The muscle became deformed in a softball sized lump. I have... READ MORE

Should I have Collagen/Silicone in buttocks removed? (Photo)

I was injected with collagen/silicone a year ago. I took care of myself as the lady told me. I didnt take off my girdle,drink alcohol, get exposed to... READ MORE

Had silicone injections. Years late feel small lumps in butt that sometimes minorally hurt with discoloration. Any suggestions?

I have a transgendered aunt who I trust with my life and vise versa. She's done this procedure thousands of times outside the U.S. and never has had... READ MORE

I'm suffering complications after silicone injections to my buttocks. What can I do?

Seeking medication treatment for silicone injection in buttox. Having inflammation and hardening lumps. I also had chills for 10 days. What are my... READ MORE

How do I get the buttock deformity from hard fall on metal edge of steps fixed? (Photo)

Hit buttock on sharp edge of thick metal steps. Instantly developed large lump 5"h x7"w x1.5" thk, looks like someone took a knife and sliced under... READ MORE

What surgery do I need to correct my lumpiness in my buttocks and hips? (photo)

Tell me what I need PLeASe! surgical buttock lift? BBL fat transfer? Lipo? Thermage? Skin rejuvination. facts: 5ft tall, Age 27. 3 pregnancies I have... READ MORE

Any suggestions of getting rid of dimples and lumps on buttock without reducing size?

My buttock has some lumps and cellulite/ dimpling and I want to get rid of it but I have small butt so I don't want to reduce the size. What would be... READ MORE

I have hard spots on both my buttocks from injections.

I have had them since i was 8 years old. I got them from injections (shots) that were administered through my butt. I feel self conscience especially... READ MORE

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