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Why Do I Have an Indent on my Upper Right Butt Cheek?

In the past two weeks I've developed an indentation on my right upper butt cheek. It looks similar to a dimple but its not and feels like a hole. What... READ MORE

What's Wrong with my Butt? (photo)

So, I am 70lbs lighter than I used to be, losing 50lbs this past year! I am getting a FTT and breast work soon. I love curves and have always had a... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Fix a Glute Injury from a Fall?

I had a nasty fall while rollerblading a few years ago and fell quite hard on my butt. A deep bruise appeared and swelling ocurred right away. After... READ MORE

Im Concerned with my Butt, It Seems to Droop Down on my Right Side, Why?! Is It Fixable and How Much Can be Fixed?

Im 6wks out of surgery, this is my second butt fat transfer, the first was not as good because I had a Tummy tuck done at same time and had to sit on... READ MORE

Large indent on left buttock bikini line area

I have had this since I was probably 10 years old. It started as a small hard indent that I noticed and grew over time to a longer, cellulite-looking... READ MORE

What are the indents on my butt and how do I get rid of them? (Photo)

So I have these indents on both my butt cheeks that stand out like a light reflector in the dark when I walk or run. I have never had butt injections... READ MORE

Can I fix lateral gluteal depressions? (photo)

I have lateral indents on my buttocks. I want a more contoured look to my backside. Is this possible? READ MORE

What should I do about muscle indent in left upper buttock? Muscle atrophy.

I've had this at least a year. And after reading, I'm sure it's because of shots given. When I was working at a daycare, I got sick monthly and would... READ MORE

Can I get rid of my butt dents? I am over 20.

Hello, I have butt dents on both my cheeks, and it has always bothered me. I just recently started losing weight but it looks like the dents are... READ MORE

What More Can I Do to Get a More Fuller and Lifted Butt? (photo)

I dream for a full juicy butt I dream for a nice butt that's lifted and looks great.. I've had butt injects in 2012 and it has made me a little more... READ MORE

I have a dent on both butt cheeks. Can butt implants alone fix this, or fat grafted to the areas? (Photo)

I can't wear tight clothes such as cocktail dresses, skirts nor bikini because it is noticeable and I just hate the way it looks. I have a dent on... READ MORE

What can be done to remove the indentations in my gluteal crease on my buttocks? (photos)

I have always been athletic and am 5' 5'' weighing 115lbs at 48 years old. I first noticed these "dimples" in my 20s and have never seen it on anyone... READ MORE

Indent on left buttock. Is there a way to minimize it? (Photo)

It started as a small hard spot that I noticed when I was about 10 and it grew but stopped when I was 15. I was little and got an MRI in case it was... READ MORE

Can my butt indentation be fixed?

Following a fall 3 weeks ago and getting a radial head fracture, I noticed an indentation on the upper right butt cheek, is this treatable, and... READ MORE

I Had an SGAP Reconstruction in 2008. They Cannot Do the Fat Grafting Since I Am Allergic to Epinephrine?

Doc Unable to Do Lipo for Fat Graft Cuz of Epinephrine Allergy. Alternatives? The "gap" dent is not located so that I an use a... READ MORE

I have recently noticed an indentation on my butt cheek! What could've caused this? (Photo)

Why would this literally just appear out of no where? It kinda has me freaked out a little. It's not painful just knowing is there bothers me. READ MORE

How to fill a butt dimple/indent? With little BMI

I am a young athletic female, but my assets are lacking in some places... I have tried almost everything, creams, exercise, etc. Nothing has worked!!... READ MORE

I want to augment my butt. I don't have enough fat to get the results that I will like or even be able to notice. (photo)

Would bbl be possible if so approx how much fat do you see in cc's on my body & from what areas? Just asking for a guess ...possibility based off of... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this indent with a slight bulge on top, result from a bad fall, on my butt cheek? (photos)

Hi about a year ago I fell down my stairs hard on the edge of a wooden step, I landed on my left butt cheek. immediately I had a huge purple swollen... READ MORE

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