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Hydrogel/Silicone Butt Injections: Is This Safe and Legal?

I was interested in enhancing my butt but I don't want surgery or anesthesia. I was looking on line and found something called Hydrogel injections but... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 and Hydrogel Filler for Butt Augmentation

I'm a 25 yr old mom of a son. I'm 5'5 120lbs and I wear a size 5 pants. I have a nice size rear but I wish for behind to be rounder and filler. I... READ MORE

Hydogel Injections Vs. Fat Transfer for Butt Enhancement?

Which is better - hydrogel butt injections or body fat transfer? which one lasts longer with better results? READ MORE

Is It a Difference Between Silicone and Hydrogel for the Butt Injections?

I understand that ”butt shots” are not legally practiced but when i see the horror stories about it being potentially fatal its always... READ MORE

What Are the Pros and Cons of PMMA Butt Injections? Is my Health at Risk?

I have been searching the web to find that PMMA is the only FDA approved injection for butt shots. However it isn't approved in large sums. I do NOT... READ MORE

Should I Buy Hydrogel Injections Online?

Obsessed with having a bigger butt.I want to get hydrogel butt injs.Ive been researching it for a couple years, but I havent been able to convince... READ MORE

Will Hydrogel Butt Injections Affect Pregnancy?

I am considering getting hydrogel injections in my butt and hips but I am concerned about the product going into other areas of my body (like vital... READ MORE

Is There a Safe Way to Remove Hydrogel in Butt?

What is the safest way to remove hydrogel injected in the buttocks,can it be seen in MRI if it migrated? Are there anyone out there who never had any... READ MORE

Age Limit for a Hyrdogel Butt Injection

I am considering a hydrogel butt injection butt i am only 18. What is the age limit for the injections? READ MORE

How to Smooth Lumps in the Buttock After Hydrogel Injections??

I had hydrogel injected into my buttocks about 6 years ago, and while I don't feel anything my butt has become very hard, it is lumpy in the spots... READ MORE

I want to remove hydrogel and PMMA. What can I do about this? (Photo)

I had hydrogel and pmma 4 years ago in my buttocks. I just wanted a little more volume. I dont have a large amount in my buttocks. Butt Now I have... READ MORE

Medical Grade Hydrogel or PMMA Butt Injections. Why Is It Not Legal in North America?

Why is it that Medical grade/Hydrogel or PMMA injections are legal in South America but not in North America? Is it the money issue as to why they... READ MORE

I had buttocks injections with pmma and hydrogel. (photos)

Is there any methode to remove this? I have discolouring and you can see like an implant under my skin. Please help me. READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make Injected Buttocks Feel Natural?

I got hydrogel butt injections 2 years ago. i have found out that it can not be removed. so since it has to be in me for the rest of my life, can i... READ MORE

Can I Have Fat Augmentation to Buttocks a Year After Hydrogel Injection?

I had hydrogel injected buttocks a year ago,.after about 3 months I noticed it was dissolving and now its no longer noticable, I believe its... READ MORE

I have dark skin after pmma buttocks injections. Any suggestions?

What can I do about the discolouring in my buttocks after pmma and hydrogel injections? I have no pain or hardness only discoloring. READ MORE

What is the life expectancy of Hydrogel Butt Injections?

The women who injected me used hydrogel wound dressing. I was young and stupid at the time so i thought that's what they used to inject you with. The... READ MORE

Can I have cortisone injections to reduce the discolouring and inflammation in my buttocks after I had PMMA and hydrogel?

I want to know What the cortisone injection does to the buttocks after permanent fillers. I have discolouring and I want to get rid of it. Can the... READ MORE

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