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Reshaping and Filling out Lower Butt to Lose Dimples and Increase Volume? (photo)

Hi, I am 26 years old 5'4 and 160 pounds. I am currently trying to get my weight down to 150. After losing weight a few years ago cellulite appeared... READ MORE

Best Method for Someone Who Has No Butt Whatsoever and Fat Above? (photo)

I have been doing every squat known to mankind but my booty remains so flat and for some forsaken reason and fat collects above it no idea why. What... READ MORE

Very Very Flat Butt, Considering BBL or Implants. What Do You Recommend For My Case?

I a very very flat butt, its horrible.I been using padded panties since I was a very young girl. I’m now 39, I always kept more or less in... READ MORE

Left butt cheek is flat and right one is more round. I don't know what to do. (Photo)

My bum used to be big and round then I started doing squats to make it more toned and started realising that my left butt cheek was getting flat as my... READ MORE

Can you suck my body fat out and put it in my butt? (Photo)

My butt is flat and ugly and I don't like it.. I want my butt look like it fit my body READ MORE

I'm a black women with a really flat butt. Do I need implants or bbl? (Photo)

Right now im 278, I know I have to lose weight I want to get down to 240 or no less than 235. I attached photos of me at 240. One doctor told me to... READ MORE

I have a flat butt. Is surgery the only option?

I am currently 5'4, 110 lbs and although i think my body looks good overall, i'm very insecure about my bum since it's pretty flat, and i really want... READ MORE

Why Are My Butt Implants Flat?

Hi, I just got butt implants and liposuction on my abdomen 6 days ago, I am suppose to wear the garment for another 3 weeks as one week has passed,... READ MORE

Flat Spots After Butt Augmentation?

Just had surgery 8/28/12 and now have notice some flat spots. Is this any reason to be concerned? READ MORE

What can I have done to keep my pants from falling down? Any suggestions for my flat butt? (photos)

My problem is that I have a very flat butt. I have very strong waist muscles, and not much waist line. My "boney butt" would most likely make implants... READ MORE

What Should I Do when my Surgeon Did Not Fill my Whole Entire Rear in a Butt Augmentation W/fat Transfer? (photo)

My surgeon did not fill in the entire butt and I am still flat at the lower part and expressed this to him. I paid 8500 for this procedure and... READ MORE

How can I get the butt I've always dreamed of?

I'm new to this website but have always dreamed and wanted to have a full nice big bubble butt, my butt use to be a little fuller when i was in... READ MORE

I want to augment my butt. I don't have enough fat to get the results that I will like or even be able to notice. (photo)

Would bbl be possible if so approx how much fat do you see in cc's on my body & from what areas? Just asking for a guess ...possibility based off of... READ MORE

I just had a butt augmentation but it seems asymmetrical. Is this normal? (photos)

You can see on the left side on the middle/lower it's kinda flat. Thanks in advance, READ MORE

What's the cause of this flat spot on the inner lower part of my glutes? (Photo)

I do a lot of weighdo a lot of weight training that target my glutes but no matter what, My butt looks like this. What can I do to fix this issue?... READ MORE

What procedure to enhance my buttock is best without involving harmful injections?

I am African American n sort small but built for my size just have a sort f flat backside an need to know best procedure. I am petite 4 ft. 11 in. and... READ MORE

Even MOM irked by my skinny butt & wrists; squats & wristcurls failed; how can I make my forearms & butt fuller & firmer?

30s eurasian male, landscaper, need to augment my buttocks' & wrists' volume, firmness w/o implants that can rupture. After recently seeing YT vid of... READ MORE

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