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Any Safe Temporary Fillers for the Butt?

Okay, so I am unhappy with not the size of my rear end, but with the saggy/long appearance. I have a little fat on my sides which i could u se for a... READ MORE

Considering Non-Surgical Options for Enlarging Butt, Are there Fillers for This?

I am totally against surgery, I have been thinking about the shot to enlarge my bottom. Is it safe and how much does it cost? Do surgeons except... READ MORE

Safe dermal filler for buttock augmentation? (photos)

Hi, I would like to know if there is any FDA approved dermal filler that could be use for buttocks augmentation. I had the brazillian butt lift done... READ MORE

What do you think about Aquafilling?

Hi, I already had an BBL, but it it bot enough volume for me. The doctor gave me 500ml in each side, but now eberything is healed and the volume has... READ MORE

Safe Alternative for Buttock Filler?

Everyone is saying that PMMA (Polymethylmetacrylate) is not safe but what other alternative is there for someone who does not have much body fat and... READ MORE

Why Do All the Doctors in the US Have Negative Opinion About Butt Injections Fillers and the Doctors in Latin America Do Not?

I respect and appreciate every answer from doctors on this website. I am taking everything into consideration. I just need to ask one more question I... READ MORE

FDA approved dermal buttock fillers?

I'm 31 I had a liposuction and BBL about 1000 each cheek but my body adsorbed almost all the fat, since a year ago I did my surgery. I'm really don't... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to fill in a dent made in the buttock?

Several years ago, I slipped down some tile stairs and the fall created a dent/divet on my left buttock. Is it possible to get some sort of filler for... READ MORE

Would filler be my best answer or maybe a fat transfer to fill an indent on my right butt cheek?

I was diagnosed with skin morphea by a dermatologist. I now have an indent almost the size of my palm located on my right buttock. It bothers me... READ MORE

FDA approved permanent fillers for buttocks ?

Is there any FDA approved permanent fillers for buttocks/ hip augmentation? There is this doctor in Los Angeles Simon Ouriand who claims to have... READ MORE

Where outside of the US can you get bioplasty done safely by licensed doctors and with safe products? (photos)

Many people, including celebrities, are going to other countries to get bioplasty to the butt using generic fillers similar to those used in the US... READ MORE

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