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Long-Term Complications and Risks of Silicone Butt Implants?

I am 5'2" 110 lbs. (small frame) and my doctor suggests fat transfer over silicone implants. He is afraid of scarring, thinning of butt... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Vs Implants?

Hello, I am 5'2 , 23years, 48Kg. I have a butt augmentation scheduled for September 9th, though I would like to get a second opinion as to which... READ MORE

Butt Implants/BBL At the Same Time Possible For Small Frame?

I was thinking about getting the BBL with butt implants, by adding butt implants does that mean less fat can be injected? But when i look at... READ MORE

Infected Butt After Butt Implants + Fat Transfer from the Back, What Can I Do?

I had it done 8 days ago, I never had that much pain in my life. Got my boobs done one year ago and the implant right dropped, it's nothing... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting the Best Option for a Hematoma on my Buttock?

I fell in 2010 and was left with a contusion on my left buttock. Should I remove the hematoma then inject the fat or just inject fat around? The lump... READ MORE

Buttock implants removal and want to have fat grafting to my butt. How long should I wait between those 2 surgeries?

I currently have very badly placed implants in my buttock that are very visible and that is why i want them removed, they are placed above the muscle... READ MORE

After Massive Weight Loss, Safe To Have Breast and Lower Body Surgery At Once? What Are My Best Options?

I had gastric bypass and have lost 135lbs. I am only 32, I'd like to wear a bikini.I've received 3 different opinions.One told me he would not... READ MORE

I have a dent on both butt cheeks. Can butt implants alone fix this, or fat grafted to the areas? (Photo)

I can't wear tight clothes such as cocktail dresses, skirts nor bikini because it is noticeable and I just hate the way it looks. I have a dent on... READ MORE

Im looking for IDENTICAL results to Kylie Jenners Butt! Do you think she has Implants or a BBL? Thanks for the answers!

I'm looking to achieve the most similar results to her butt and would like to get opinions on what it looks like to you docs. The expert advice will... READ MORE

Bbl After Gluteal Implants? (photo)

I just had intramuscular gleuteal implants 2 weeks ago and I know that I have to wait at least 6 months for the final results however if I still think... READ MORE

I Had Butt Implants 4 Years Ago. After Gaining Weight Can I Transfer Fat as Well?

Can I have fat put into my butt to improve the shape. I've also had a tummy tuck and lipo suction but now have fat in my back READ MORE

5'9, 168 pounds, interested in Butt Augmentation. Fat Graft or implants? (photo)

I am interested in a butt aug but only would interested in fat graph from stomach and back only. How much would it cost and how long is the down time?... READ MORE

If I have InjectIons Can I Put Fat on my Butt?

If in 2005 I had butt injections, now I would like a fat tranfer from my stomach to my butt ia that possible n safe READ MORE

I had silicone injections removed from the buttocks and i would like to know if the tissue will grow back? (Photo)

I had silicone injections in the butt area removed in november i am slightly deformed i would like to know if the tissue that was cut out will grow... READ MORE

Butt Implants VS. Injections?? San jose location or within 100miles of to find best doctor?

Hi,Im 24 years old and I'm 5'8 weighing 190lbs. My body is very proportionate but i no butt. I'm very tall so it looks like i have a long back. I was... READ MORE

How much fat do I need for a transfer?

To the butt to have it bit even if im not to fat READ MORE

How much will it cost to replace a butt implant, one side only? Will it look different or uneven? (Photo)

I had the right side removed 4 mths ago do to infection but left side is perfect and totally healed. when can i do it? how much it will cost? will it... READ MORE

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