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How Much Fat is Needed for Butt Augmentation?

I have a small frame and not a lot of fat. I'm wondering if Butt augmentation is worth it, because I want a very noticeable, and big change in my butt... READ MORE

Maximum CCs for a Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer?

I would like to know what is the maximum cc's that you can recieve in a buttock aug. Do you know any doctors in Louisiana that you would refer are... READ MORE

Safest Method for Butt and Hip Enhancement if There is Not Enough Fat?

If you don't have enough fat for butt and hip enhancement, what is the safest method for butt and hip enhancement? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce or Remove Muscle in the Left Buttock?

I bought an exercise machine 10 years ago and put more pressure on my left leg. This greatly increased the muscle size in my left buttock. I then put... READ MORE

Safe Alternative for Buttock Filler?

Everyone is saying that PMMA (Polymethylmetacrylate) is not safe but what other alternative is there for someone who does not have much body fat and... READ MORE

Fat Stored After Liposuction Not Good Anymore?

I had a abdomen Liposuction done on August 2006. The doctor gave me my fat to freeze and I have had it since then in my freezer. The problem is that... READ MORE

Can I Have Fat Augmentation to Buttocks a Year After Hydrogel Injection?

I had hydrogel injected buttocks a year ago,.after about 3 months I noticed it was dissolving and now its no longer noticable, I believe its... READ MORE

How could I add volume to my butt if I have very little fat and don't want to get Butt Implants?

I am 20 years old live around the chicago area with one kid and I have a small butt I want it to be bigger butt without it looking unatural. I weigh... READ MORE

Can silicone butt injections be removed?

I have silicone butt injections and i about 10cc in each cheek and i wanted to know is it possible to have that removed and replaced with liposuction... READ MORE

I need a bigger butt with my fat suck from my stomach. How much will it cost? (photos)

Am living in the bahamas and I want know where can I get this done how long dose the surgery lost when can I get this done READ MORE

What are the options for a naturally thin person who wants more fat but no implants?

Doc, I'm naturally thin but i'd like a little more fat in my hips, thighs and buttocks and I do not want implants. What would be my options? READ MORE

Is Lipo and Using your own fat for butt injections wise?

Would this be wise putting onto or around the encased granulomas that need to be excised out? New literature is stating using your own fat to inject... READ MORE

I want to widen my hips , but I am skinny and I doubt I can transfer any fat to my hips . Any suggestions?

Hello this might sound crazy , I have always wanted wide hips to give me a nice curvy body , but I'm skinny so I do not have any fat to transfer to my... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat and a large enough butt now to achieve the results I want? (Photo)

I would like a bottom like the picture I am providing. My rear is already 46 inches pre-op and my waist is 29. READ MORE

Fat transfer to butt in NY?

Is it true that in NY only 500cc of fat can transferred into each butt cheek. Is 500cc the maximum READ MORE

Would you recommend Butt Fat Transfer or Implants? Do I have enough fat for the look I want? (photos)

I want to have this procedure done, But I want a big round look after, so I need fat to my buttocks and hips to achieve the look I want. (Think Kim... READ MORE

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