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What's the Best Butt Augmentation Procedure, in General?

What is your best advice for me to have my butt the way I want it? I really really want a big butt and I've done everything like butt workouts and... READ MORE

I Have Butt Dents Even Though I Exercise, and Seems to Get Worse With Age. What Can I Do?

Im 43 i have a dent in each butt cheek,, the right worse than left,, i exercise and nothing works well,, the older i get the worse it seems,, im a... READ MORE

How Do I Get a Rounder and Butt Shape Like Girls?

I am a thin boy. I play gym exercises and got very wide shoulders as side effect . Now, I need a round butt ( like girls have) just not only muscle in... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce or Remove Muscle in the Left Buttock?

I bought an exercise machine 10 years ago and put more pressure on my left leg. This greatly increased the muscle size in my left buttock. I then put... READ MORE

I Have A Problem My Right Butt Cheek Is Uneven And I Want To Know How Can I Bring It Back Without Losing My Butt?

Should I start leg lifts or do I have to see a doctor lm sorry but I don't have the right kind of camera to send picture please help!!! READ MORE

How Long Should a Patient Wait to Sit Down After Glute Augmentation Procedure? Wear High Heels?

How long should a patient wait to seat down, run and cycle after a glute augmentation procedure? Wear high heels? Thanks in advance! READ MORE

Why is my left butt check fatter than the right check? Will it ever be the same if I keep exercising the one side only? (photo)

I can feel it when I'm walking that the one side of my check is bigger than the other because of the dimple, this hasn't happened since I started... READ MORE

What is the best and fastest way to get rid of butt dimples? (photos)

It started to form around 12 and 13.I always exersize .IM A good 120 and I do squats.a lot. These butt dimples will not go away.I'm only 15 READ MORE

Does certain exercises actually widen the hips or is it just a myth?

Can your hips widen through certain exercises and if so what kind of exercises. Also does your hips naturally widen as a woman gets older. i'm 17 5'1... READ MORE

Will Developing Gluteal Muscles Thru Healthy Diet and Butt Excercise Enhance my Buttock Augmentation Via Fat Grafting Results?

I am aware that the survival of adipose tissue depends on the blood supply provided by the different gluteal muscles. So to me it makes sense that if... READ MORE

I have a very dispropotionate butt. What is the shape of it? Can exercise help me reshape it? (Photo)

What is the shape of my butt? i have a very dispropotionate butt what is the shape? or type? and can exercise help me reshape it? can i have it more... READ MORE

Can I get my butt bigger naturally, with exercises?

So..I have read in many websites that you can make your big naturally bigger with exercises like squats,lunges.. but is this true? I always thought... READ MORE

What should I do? (Photo)

I've grew up with my butt looking like this and I'm tired! I've had personal trainers, I wrapped myself up back there and even tried my own exercises.... READ MORE

I want to fix, what I am calling, an uneven butt. One side seems to be more "lifted" than the other.

The crease is higher and it is very noticable. The other cheek also seems more full than the "lifted one" Please help!!! any exercises ? READ MORE

Can I get results without surgery? (photos)

I've just had ba with implants and fat transfer. In the lead up to surgery I dieted to get down to my optimum weight, however the last month of weight... READ MORE

Am looking to improve the gluteal fold (esp on the exterior sides) but don't want to have implants. Any suggestions?

Looking for solution to improvement of gluteal fold. Is it possible to excise the excess skin and reshape the bottom wihtout implant? Very active  READ MORE

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