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Atlanta Butt Injections Doctor Recommendations

Is there an injection that can make your butt bigger? Is there anyone out that can help me with making my butt bigger? I can’t afford surgery. I l... READ MORE

Can I Get PMMA or Hydrogel Butt Injections in Houston?

I want to increase my butt size but dont want to get implants. I need something affordable can someone help? READ MORE

Looking for Hydrogel Butt Augmentation Expert in Saint Louis, MO?

Is there a doctor in the Saint Louis, MO. area that does this? READ MORE

Doctors in Sacramento and SF Area for Hydrogel Butt Injections?

Does anyone know any reputable doctors in the Northern California area who offer Hydrogel injections for the buttocks? READ MORE

Butt Injections. Not Implants, Not Surgical; What Are My Options, the Costs, Doctor Referral?

I have no butt at all and was really trying to look into butt injections not implants or any type of surgery I'm moving to vegas and wanted to... READ MORE

I'm 35 yrs old. Any recommendation for Butt Injections for a reasonable cost?

My name is Lisa. I am 35. I am in serious need of help finding someone to do injections for a reasonable cost. I have always struggled with issues... READ MORE

Looking for Doctor with Hydrogel Injection in New York

I'm looking for a doctor in New York that practices with hydrogel injection. READ MORE

I Am Interested in Getting a Butt Augmentation but Its Hard to Find a Doctor Here?

I live near Orange County and I'm looking for a dr that has performed butt augmentation. I've read about the fat transfer and I don't think I'm a good... READ MORE

Recommendation for an International Doctor for a Butt Injection Procedure?

I am interested in Buttocks Injections, it seems that most US Doctors are against the injections bcs they are not FDA approved and that they are... READ MORE

Who to Go to in UK for Butt Injections?

Hi! I'm in UK my upper body does not match with my lower body my butt and thighs are very small. I'm doing lots of exercise but still nothing works... READ MORE

I Really Want Too Get Butt Injections Can Someone Help Me in the New York Area?

Hi I really want too get butt injections can someone help me in the new york area? I would truly appriciate it READ MORE

Where can I get butt injections from in Rochester NY?

Im 215 lbs 5'5 and im 19 years old i just want a bigger butt for myself but i want the fat from my stomach placed there instead READ MORE

Butt Augmentation Doctor Recommendations

I am a size 10 down bottom and a size 12 up top. I want buttocks augmenation to give me a nice big butt and even out my shape but I want quality. I... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Experienced Butt Augmentation in New England Area?

I recently had a LBL & inner thigh lift & have been left with buttocks without any projection and significant sagging. A butterfly lift was... READ MORE

Butt Implants VS Butt Fat Injections? Best Doctors for Either?

Please consider personal information rather than writing a general answer! All help is greatly appreciated. I am 18 years old, 5 5, and weigh 109... READ MORE

Where outside of the US can you get bioplasty done safely by licensed doctors and with safe products? (photos)

Many people, including celebrities, are going to other countries to get bioplasty to the butt using generic fillers similar to those used in the US... READ MORE

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