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How to Get Rid of Dimple on a Butt Cheek?

I have a dimple in one of my butt cheeks. It looks like a huge hole. What causes it and how do I get rid of it? READ MORE

Why Do I Have an Indent on my Upper Right Butt Cheek?

In the past two weeks I've developed an indentation on my right upper butt cheek. It looks similar to a dimple but its not and feels like a hole. What... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Dimples in My Butt and Reducing Saddlebags? (photo)

I am 25, relatively short (5' 38") and underweight (99 lb). I eat healthy and workout but exercises haven't been very successful on... READ MORE

How to fix a "crooked buttcrack"? (Photo)

I noticed that the top of my buttcrack slightly slants. I think it is the cause of a dimple that I have on the very top. I am very self conscious... READ MORE

What surgery can remove my sacral dimple? What kind of plastic surgeon would I have to see? HELP PLEASE

I hate it I feel so insecure with it it makes my butt crease look weird and is a little crooked at the top. READ MORE

Get Rid of Butt Dimples?

I've had dimples in my butt cheeks ever since I was little. I only have one on each cheek so I don't believe it's cellulite. I was told by a relative... READ MORE

What are the indents on my butt and how do I get rid of them? (Photo)

So I have these indents on both my butt cheeks that stand out like a light reflector in the dark when I walk or run. I have never had butt injections... READ MORE

Why is my left butt check fatter than the right check? Will it ever be the same if I keep exercising the one side only? (photo)

I can feel it when I'm walking that the one side of my check is bigger than the other because of the dimple, this hasn't happened since I started... READ MORE

What is the best and fastest way to get rid of butt dimples? (photos)

It started to form around 12 and 13.I always exersize .IM A good 120 and I do squats.a lot. These butt dimples will not go away.I'm only 15 READ MORE

What can be done to remove the indentations in my gluteal crease on my buttocks? (photos)

I have always been athletic and am 5' 5'' weighing 115lbs at 48 years old. I first noticed these "dimples" in my 20s and have never seen it on anyone... READ MORE

Can sacral dimples be easily removed? Will it take long, will it look like a normal bum crack afterwards and will it scar badly?

It has never caused me any problems, it just lowers my self confidence, it is only small and at the top of my bum crack. When opened looks like a deep... READ MORE

What is the cost of a butt dimple?

As a child I got vaccinated and left a dimple on only one of my buttocks. If this can be fixed is the cost to high. READ MORE

Is there another procedure besides BBL to enhance my butt? I love the size but have dimples that I hate! (Photo)

Also wondering if panni revision and lipo would be advisable bit I suffered complications in the past with fluid build up ,infections and seromas from... READ MORE

Buttocks: aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery? (Photo)

Im 20 and I've always had a nice derrière...but recently more&more stretch marks & a dimple formed.I feel hopeless.I already had 10sessions of ... READ MORE

Any suggestions of getting rid of dimples and lumps on buttock without reducing size?

My buttock has some lumps and cellulite/ dimpling and I want to get rid of it but I have small butt so I don't want to reduce the size. What would be... READ MORE

How am I going to get rid of the dimple on my left butt cheek? (photo)

I don't know for sure if that's a dimple but I just say it like that because I don't know what is it, but this picture that I'm going to show is just... READ MORE

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