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I Have Butt Dents Even Though I Exercise, and Seems to Get Worse With Age. What Can I Do?

Im 43 i have a dent in each butt cheek,, the right worse than left,, i exercise and nothing works well,, the older i get the worse it seems,, im a... READ MORE

Are butt implants safe?

I'd like to undergo butt augmentation but I'm so hesitant. I know that injections aren't FDA approved nor are they safe, that being said injections... READ MORE

Can I Get Butt Augmentation at Age of 16?

I'm very self conscious about my bum and would like a bum augmentation. Is this this possible? READ MORE

Can my Uneven Gluteal Crease Be Fixed?

For as long as I can remember now I have had uneven gluteal creases. I have two gluteal creases on my left cheek while my right cheek is completely... READ MORE

Lipo and Buttocks Fat Transfer Like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian? (photo)

Hi, I need to know if I have enough fat to transfer to have Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian Buttocks and end up with a waist like them. Thank you. READ MORE

How Can I Correct my Lateral Buttock Depressions?

I suffer with lateral buttock depressions, that personaly I think ruin my figure. I have searched on the internet, and the only solution I find is a... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Getting Butt Implants Combined with a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I am 5'5'' and 140 pounds, my stomach sticks out a bit and I have close to a completely flat butt. I've decided to combine the butt implants with the... READ MORE

Would a Fit Person Be a Good Candidate for Butt Augmentation? (photo)

I am 38, size 2 and I weight about 138 lbs I work out almost everyday and I do lunges and squats. My legs are huge but I can't seem to increase my... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Getting a Butt Augmentation but Its Hard to Find a Doctor Here?

I live near Orange County and I'm looking for a dr that has performed butt augmentation. I've read about the fat transfer and I don't think I'm a good... READ MORE

Hips and bum enlargement options? (Photo)

What's the best way to increase on my butt and hips READ MORE

I'm 120 & Would Like a Transfer of Fat to the Butt Will That Work?

I am looking to get butt( lip) I am only 120 Pounds this that the best option because I don't won't implants. 5'3, pants size 2-3 READ MORE

I Am Only 105 Pounds, Will I Be Able to Get a Butt Augmentation?

I do not want to get implants because many surgeons don't recommend them. I think i am to skinny to get a fat transfer. Is there anyway i can gain... READ MORE

Naturally Have A Large Butt, But Starting to Disfigure; Should I Get a Butt Augmentation?

I have this weird situation i had a really big butt but over the years it started to disfigure one side started get smaller and then it swithed to the... READ MORE

Brazilian but Lift or Implants?

I'm naturally thick.. thick legs , larger breasts and I'm super healthy. I exercise and try gain buttock mass since leg mass is easily attained , but... READ MORE

I Am a Vibrant 56 Year Old Look Great for my Age I Would Like to Get a Butt Augumentation Done Am I to Old?

I am 5'2 @ 160 pounds all my fat goes to my stomach and love handles thats it those are the two areas that I would like the fat taken from and but... READ MORE

Want a bigger butt, but I don't have much fat on my body and I also don't want to put silicone. What should I do?

I want my butt bigger, but I'm too slim to get fat from my body and transfer to my butt and I also don't want to put silicone, but I thnk it looks too... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation and Paraplegia- Can My Atrophied Buttocks Be Fixed?

Can a butt augmentation be performed on a healthy paraplegic whose buttocks has atrophied? What are the risks for someone in this condition to undergo... READ MORE

Is There an Ideal Weight to Be for a Butt Augmentation?

I am looking to have butt augmentation done in the next year and I want to see if there is a good ideal weight to be or have . I am currently 155lbs... READ MORE

If I Get my Butt and Thigh Implants Can I Still Get Lipo After?

Were the thigh and butt implants can i still get lipo in my thighs or butt READ MORE

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