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Male Butt Augmentation? (photo)

Im a 20 year old male dancer, i would like to enhance my butt by making it larger and fuller. Ive done some research and implants would be my best... READ MORE

Costs of Fat Transfer in Los Angeles, CA for Butt Augmentation

I am 20. 5feet 6 in. About 150lbs. I would like to get a fat transfer in the Los Angeles area. I have a small butt and would like to have a medium... READ MORE

Will Filling out the Lateral Buttock with Fat Grafting Make my Hips Look Rounder? Im 23, 5'11 166lbs (photo)

Hello, I'm a 23 year old female that is currently looking for a Doc. I plan on getting fat grafting to my buttock/hips in june of 2013! Im' 5'11,... READ MORE

Reshaping and Filling out Lower Butt to Lose Dimples and Increase Volume? (photo)

Hi, I am 26 years old 5'4 and 160 pounds. I am currently trying to get my weight down to 150. After losing weight a few years ago cellulite appeared... READ MORE

How Much Fat Can Lipo Remove?

How much fat can lipo remove? I am 5'7 165 the heaviest i have ever been. my waist 37 hips butt 41 and I'm getting bbl. I am big framed. I'd like to... READ MORE

Can't Get a Bbl and Implants Don't Feel Natural So What Should I Do?

Well I'm like 5'5 & 155pounds and I don't have enough body fat to get the BBL & implants just don't feel natural. I went to see a few doctors... READ MORE

I Am a Vibrant 56 Year Old Look Great for my Age I Would Like to Get a Butt Augumentation Done Am I to Old?

I am 5'2 @ 160 pounds all my fat goes to my stomach and love handles thats it those are the two areas that I would like the fat taken from and but... READ MORE

5'9, 168 pounds, interested in Butt Augmentation. Fat Graft or implants? (photo)

I am interested in a butt aug but only would interested in fat graph from stomach and back only. How much would it cost and how long is the down time?... READ MORE

Butt implants or brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

I am currently 155lbs and 5'4 and trying to still lose 15lbs of baby weight. When i have worked out in the past and got down to 141lbs and no matter... READ MORE

Butt augmentation. How much will it be?

I am 18 years old ill be turing 19 on january i am 5'4 and about 150 pounds i do have butt but i really want aumintation ?my question is about how... READ MORE

5'9 168 pound female interested in butt augmentation?

I am interested in butt augmentation is it possible just to remove fat from stomach. I love my hips and legs. IS this possible. I only would like a... READ MORE

I'm 5'7" at 160. I workout 5 days a week for 20 min. Cardio & weights. Want my butt fuller, plumpier, without surgery. (Photo)

Is this my normal average weight? And does my butt look too small. I'm solid not fat. Do I need surgery for plumpier butt? READ MORE

I'm a 75 yr old athletic male 155 lbs, 5' 7". Over the last 15 yrs I've lost 4 inches on my butt, even though I exercise greatly

I am a 75 year old athlete male 155 lbs, 5' 7". Over the last 15 years I have lost 4 inches on my butt, even though I exercise greatly. #1 Is the best... READ MORE

Butt lift for medical purposes, specifically, pain relief? I am a male 63, 6 feet tall and weigh 160 lbs.

I have profound osteoporosis. When I sit for 5 minutes, my lumbar region aches. I look like a 90 year old man walking away from the chair. I have... READ MORE

Hi i Am a Mother of two And I am in search of a Doctor for Butt shots. (photo)

How much is the procedure i Am 5'4 i currently wight 150 I have a lil more Fat in stomach than anything i find it stressfull to only get fat there but... READ MORE

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